18 (small) things all horse owners would appreciate this Christmas

  • Don’t worry about splashing out on an expensive gift for your horsey partner or friend this year. Instead, consider a seemingly small gesture which might seem trivial but will mean a lot.

    Here are 18 of the little things all us horse owners would be happy to receive this Christmas time…

    1. For one whole morning off mucking out duty (in other words, a lie in)

    2. For the muck heap to be swept back and tidied

    3. For all the jumps to be put up while schooling (so we don’t have to keep getting on and off, and then on and off again…)

    4. For the grass to be mown so we can canter while out and about

    5. For the potholes on the yard track to be filled in, to avoid both horse and vehicle injury

    6. For all the summer show tack — which is currently sitting in the lorry gathering mould — to be cleaned

    7. For your horse’s mane to be pulled (so we don’t have to be the ‘bad guy’)

    8. For the horse to stand for the farrier without nipping his back or lean on him, just the once

    9. For all of next season’s society membership forms to be filled in

    10. For the weekly poo picking to be done

    11. For all the rugs that have been sat in the tack room for the past nine months to actually be taken to the local tack sale and sold

    12. For all the haynets to be filled

    13. For all the haynets with holes to be repaired

    14. For the arena to be harrowed

    15. For any broken post and rail destroyed by your horse to be repaired before the yard owner notices

    16. For the person who always drives a bit too fast past your horse to slow down a bit

    17. For the piece of bale wrap spooking your horse out hacking to be removed from the hedge

    18. For the abundance of sweet wrappers and general detritis to be emptied out of the lorry cab

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