17 awkward, embarrassing or hairy moments you might have experienced in the show ring…

  • If you’re into showing, chances are you’ve experienced at least a handful of these cringe-worthy situations…

    Put your hands up if you can relate to one of these 17 show ring scenarios…

    1. When your horse won’t stand for the judge to get a rosette

    Why is it always when it’s a red one?

    2. When you think the steward has called you in first, but they were actually pointing to the rider behind you

    Oh, well done you. I’m so happy for you… promise

    3. When you wait all day for your class and then canter on the wrong leg

    *Slumps back to lorry in shame*

    4. When you canter on the wrong leg and your horse refuses to pick up the right leg

    Well this is just embarrassing. I swear he’s never done this before.

    5. Just any wrong leg in general, anywhere in the show ring

    Wrong canter lead = instant drop down the line.

    6. When your horse spooks at the ice cream van

    Apparently he’s more of a savoury fan.

    7. When an unruly child scares your horse in front of the judge

    Children under the age of 12 should be banned from the ringside

    8. When the judge asks what breed your native is


    9. When the judge asks if you’re still eligible for the young rider qualification (and you were ineligible 15 years ago…)

    I don’t know if I should be flattered or offended…

    10. When you cut up a producer on the go round

    Just received a death stare from a showing celebrity.

    11. When your horse won’t trot up for his conformation

    *Shoots ‘the look’ at your groom to slyly run up behind said horse for encouragement

    12. When your horse stops to do his business right in the middle of your show

    When you’ve got to go…

    13. When your lead-rein jockey cries because he/she is bored in the line-up 

    Not every kid is cut out for the showing life. On to the next…

    14. When your young horse is clearly not ready for a 30-strong go round at your local county show

    I never signed up for a game of buckaroo.

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    15. When you’re aware of a class winner’s connection to a judge

    We’re all thinking it, but no one will say anything…

    16. When you look at your marks and realise you got the lowest of the class

    We suppose someone’s gotta finish last…

    17. When you’re pulled in top, get dropped and the judge proceeds to tell you why

    Insert false smile.

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