16 things which stress competition riders out just before the season starts

  • If you spend your summers travelling the length and breadth of the country every single weekend in pursuit of a rosette, then you might already by well on with your prep for the forthcoming competition season.

    If not, chances are you’re soon to experience at least a few of these things which stress competition riders out before the new season gets underway.

    What will make you hit panic mode this February?

    1. That your horse no longer looks like a horse but resembles some kind of woolly hippo.

    2. That you’ve broken your clippers so you can’t do anything about it.

    3. That you haven’t schooled your horse properly since your last competition in September — you’ve just been enjoying the happy hacker life.

    4. That the HOYS and RIHS judges have been released but you’re so unorganised you still haven’t taken all of your Christmas decorations down.

    5. That your horse looks less like a smart competition horse and more like a bog pony (he very much enjoys the au naturel look though).

    6. That your lorry is due an MOT and your horse needs his vaccinations, farrier vist and physio check all in the same week.

    7. That you haven’t tried your competition jacket on since your diet went out the window over the festive period.

    8. That your trainer has inconveniently decided to go on holiday just before your first show.

    9. That you need to buy all your society memberships but only have £10 in your bank account.

    10. That your boss is pestering you to book your time off for summer and you haven’t planned a single competition.

    11. That your horse seems to have forgotten how to canter a circle.

    Continued below…

    12. That your horse seems to have forgotten what a filler is.

    13. That you can’t find your boots or show shirt ANYWHERE.

    14. That you forgot to empty the lorry fridge after your last competition (which was almost six months ago…).

    15. That you also forgot to take your muddy show tack out of the locker after taking your horse hunting on Boxing Day.

    16. That you can’t believe — even though you tell yourself every single year — that you’re not more organised this time…

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