12 questions all horse people ask themselves as Christmas approaches

  • It’s nearly December and we’re celebrating all things festive at H&H this week as we launch our first ever advent calendar cover (out today, 20 November). It’s a time for celebration, for family, for food and drink… and of course, for horses. How many of these strike a chord with you as we approach the Christmas period?

    1. How many days in a row am I going to get to ride my horse with all those days off from work?

    2. Yay! It’s nearly time for Olympia! How much Christmas shopping should I do there? Will the deals be better there or online?

    3. Can I squeeze in a Christmas Day morning ride around manhandling the turkey in and out of the Aga/cooker?

    4. How much tinsel is an acceptable amount to wear on said ride?

    5. Is a new saddle something I can put on my Father Christmas list? Or is that just greedy?

    6. Do I really have to go to boring Great Aunt Nora’s on Boxing Day? That seems like a waste of a day that could be spent out riding and/or hunting.

    7. Should I get Dobbin apples or carrots or mints for Christmas?

    8. Will he get jealous if I leave a treat out for Father Christmas’ reindeer?

    9. How many mulled wines are acceptable before toddling out to do late-night stables?

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    10. Does everyone send their horse a Christmas card or just me? What about hanging a stocking outside his stable?

    11. What’s the weather forecast? I’ll be really naffed off if we get a big freeze or two weeks of rain just when I have time to enjoy my horse.

    12. Can I get my mum/sister/friend a subscription to H&H as her gift so that I can read it?

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