Will Germany’s world champion event horse get a British rider?

  • British buyers are interested in buying world champion event horse La Biosthetique Sam, rider Michael Jung has confirmed.

    The horse is owned 60% by Sabine Kreuter and 40% by Michael’s father, Joachim, and Ms Kreuter wishes to sell her share in the horse, Michael told H&H.

    “We, the family, are not trying to buy the horse, but he is for sale,” he added.

    “It is a very tough time right now for my family and especially for Michael who has trained and developed Sam for the last five years from one-star to four-star events,” said the eventer’s brother, Philip.

    “We have a contract with Ms Kreuter which ends this year. This contract enabled us to make all the decisions about Sam’s education over the past five years, which allowed Michael to develop Sam into one of the best horses.”

    He said the family had hoped to buy Sam for €1m.

    “But unfortunately people don’t keep their words when it comes to money and it looks like Sam will get sold to sponsors of the British team for €2m.

    “Like I said it’s a very difficult time for my brother who wants to keep Sam due to his deep connection and relationship to his horse,” he added.

    Mary King’s name had been linked with the sale but she told H&H that Sam is not being bought for her to ride.

    “It’s a lovely thought, but a load of rubbish,” she said. “Lots of names are being bandied about — Piggy French, Nicola Wilson, Zara Phillips, but I don’t know there is any truth in it.”

    Nicola Wilson also denied she would get the ride on the horse. “It’s news to me if I am, but it would be very nice,” she said.

    A spokesman for Piggy French declined to comment and Oliver Townend, who name has also been linked to the sale, was unavailable.

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