WEG squad honours Pony Club champions

  • This year’s Pony Club eventing champions will take home trophies previously won by Britain’s top eventers. Trophies awarded to European Gold medallist Zara Phillips and Grandslam winner Pippa Funnell will be presented to the individual winners of the Lawnflite Pony Club Eventing Championships (21-24 August), and the winning team will be awarded the Over To You Trophy – a shield donated by Jeanette Brakewell.

    The experience of participating in the Pony Club’s Eventing Championships has always been more important than the physical reward. But the Pony Club’s new collection of trophies, won by some of the sport’s most famous names, are set to ensure the experience is even more memorable.

    Individual winners of the new Intermediate section of this year’s Championships will be presented with:

    The Shear L’Eau Trophy – donated by Shear L’Eau’s owner Jeremy Laughton.

    The Tamarillo Trophy – donated by William Fox-Pitt and is a trophy won by William.

    The Toytown Trophy – donated by Zara Phillips.

    The Primmore’s Pride Trophy – chosen and donated by the horse’s owner Denise Lincoln.

    The Pony Club Eventing Committee’s Chairman, Lady Howick, is donating The Softly Softly Trophy, a salver named after her own successful eventer and the winning team in the Lawnflite Eventing Championship will be awarded The Over To You Trophy presented by Jeanette Brakewell.

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