New eventing rules

  • As the start of the eventing season approaches riders intending to compete in affiliated events must read the new rule book to ensure they remain legal during 2003. You can download the rule book at www.britisheventing.com but HHO has complied a brief guide to some of the main changes.

  • New classes: Open Intermediate (OI) and Intermediate Novice (IN) classes for under 21s have been introduced.
  • Day tickets: Day tickets can only be used for one-day classes
  • Ballots: CIC** entries will take precedence over standard intermediate entries in the case of a ballot
  • Bits: When using a double bridle, flexible rubber bridoons and/or curbs are not permitted. An ordinary snaffle with a rotating mouthpiece (Myler type) is a permitted snaffle.

  • Gaiters: Full grain smooth black leather gaiters with matching boots may be worn in all three phases at all levels. These may be brown at Intro to Novice. Juniors under the age of 16 may wear plain black or brown half chaps with matching boots in all three phases.
  • Show jumping: Show jumping penalties now follow the FEI. Click here to read about the changes to show jumping penalties.

  • Cross-country: If a horse becomes trapped or stuck in or over a fence on the cross-country so the fence has to be dismantled to free the horse this will be treated as a horse fall and will incur elimination.
  • Optimum time: Penalties for exceeding the optimum time have been amended to 0.4 for each second over the optimum.

    For a full list of rule changes visit www.britisheventing.com

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