Mark Todd in the hot seat

  • Eventing maestro Mark Todd answers your burning questions

    Our recent Ask Mark Todd competition encouraged a flood of entries. The winner was Jessica Cox from Ramsgate, Kent, who wins £200-worth of Mark Todd merchandise from Jumpers Horse Line.

    Jessica asked Mark Todd: “How would you advise getting a tired horse home safely, knowing there are hard fences and long gallops to come? “

    Mark replied: “I was in such asituation at Badminton on Alfred The Great, who was not full Thoroughbred and who had had a short preparation for the event and was not fully fit.

    Three-quarters of the way around he suddenly went flat and I wondered if I should pull up. On the galloping bits I throttled him right back to little more than a canter, but made sure I woke him up in time to jump the next fence before easing him off again.

    This enabled him to catch his breath again and, after a couple of minutes, he was even able to pick up the tempo near the end of the course. At no stage had his jumping become dangerous, which is why I kept chugging on, and he finished sixth.

    It is vital you recognise the signs of a really tired horse early enough so that you can slow right down before you have a disaster. If in doubt, pull up. There is always another day.”

    Runners up in the competition included Phillip Cuthbert, from Newcastle upon Tyne and Carol Weal from Truro, Cornwall who bothwin a pair of Mark Todd gloves.

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