Kitty Boggis warns other riders not to be taken in by “scam”

  • Event rider Kitty Boggis has broken her silence over her doomed sponsorship deal with Global Sponsorship Group (GSG) to warn other riders not to be taken in.

    The Metropolitan Police Service launched a fraud investigation into GSG earlier this month, just weeks after Kitty announced a six-figure deal with the company.

    But today she announced she had parted company with GSG and alleged the deal had been a scam.

    She said: “After taking legal advice, I was instructed not to say anything about GSG until my contract was terminated, which has prevented me issuing a press release until now to warn fellow riders not to contact CSG in the belief a sponsor would be found for them.

    “Following my sponsorship package the company was publicised in the equestrian press.

    “I am obviously disappointed that such a potentially exciting career opportunity turned out to be a scam and I am very sorry for anyone who did pay GSG in the hope of a securing a sponsor.

    “I would never have been associated with such [a company] if I had known the full story about it.”

    In October the company promised Kitty hundreds of thousands of pounds to buy a suitable horse for the 2012 Olympics.

    Although some athletes reportedly paid £500 to GSG for its help in finding them a sponsor, Kitty handed over no money.

    Her sister Lucy Boggis, a heptathlete, was also sponsored by GSG.

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