Eventing: what’s hot and what’s not


  • Turquoise event grease
  • Coloured horses: a few years ago, no serious eventer would be seen dead on one, but Two For Joy and Park Pilot (both in the top four at Blenheim) are changing all that
  • Fixing your medical armband on your boot
  • Nasal strips for horses, as used for ages by Leslie Law. Expect them to be all the rage at pre-novice
  • A support team decked out in patterned wellies
  • Bobble-top silks, as seen on Andrew and Bettina Hoy and Kitty Boggis. So 1980s Pony Club. So now
  • The predominance of dressage queens: an alarming rise in white tendon boots and saddle squares in the warm-up area
  • Needing two lorries: a la Lucy Wiegersma, Julie Tew and the Ryans, at least one with a pop-out side…
  • The return of the knickers debate: big pants or thong? And that’s just for men…
  • The barefoot craze: some advanced horses are currently running with no shoes, like Tom Robinson’s Millennium Master
  • Electric bicycles, to get from your lorry to the edges of the showground
  • Artistic quarter marks: such as Ireland’s Sherelle Duke’s Guinness harp, the British team’s lion, Vicky Tuffs’ Welsh dragons and Matt Ryan’s kangaroos


  • Bandaging legs for cross-country
  • Green Hunter wellies
  • String-vest sweat-rugs — so 1980s Pony Club, so not now
  • Drop nosebands
  • Straight-cut riding boots — high-cut dressage variety only, zip-up if you please
  • Multi-hued wraparound Oakleys: update to something — anything — less 1998
  • This light-hearted look at the sport of eventing was first published in the current issue of Horse & Hound (24 March ’05), which was the Eventing special

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