Eventing stereotypes: the hard-working amateur

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    Is your life ruled by early mornings, late nights and desperately trying to remember your next dressage test? If so, our tongue-in-cheek amateur eventer stereotype might ring a bell…

    The hard-working amateur

    Harriet is constantly exhausted: she hasn’t been in bed after 4am for a decade. Her life is ruled by diaries, charts and lists – every minute of every day is planned out, from the pre-dawn rise to getting to bed as early as possible, but somehow it’s never before 11pm.

    Harriet’s colleagues are quite accustomed to her steaming in at high speed, freshly showered, but with the odd bit of straw or her train reading – a dressage test sheet – trailing from her handbag.

    Her mood in the office is entirely dependent on the previous weekend’s eventing result – choose the week after a double clear to ask her a favour and steer clear following a run-out.

    Her annual leave is split into days and half days for lessons and competitions, with a long-awaited week held in reserve for Blair CCI* – if she qualifies.

    Occasionally, Harriet thinks she wouldn’t mind a boyfriend, but where would she find the time? Then she goes back to thinking about that new warm-up routine she’s been perfecting.

    For more eventing stereotypes see the current issue of H&H (1 March 2012)

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