Claire Lomas announces plan to cycle from London to Paris

  • Paralysed eventer Claire Lomas – who completed the London Marathon in a robotic suit earlier this month – has set her sights on a new challenge for next spring.

    The 32-year-old was left paralysed after a fall at Osberton Horse Trials in 2007, but now plans to cycle from London to Paris using a bike powered by her legs and arms.

    “After the marathon Dan (my husband) and I asked ‘what shall we do next?'” Claire told H&H. “We are still in the very early stages of planning, trying to find all the right equipment.”

    Claire already trains on a static version of the bike she hopes to use for the trip.

    The FES bike (which stands for Functional Electrical Stimulation) delivers an electrical current to the muscles in her legs, making them contract in a pattern that controls the bike.

    “Not doing the horses anymore means I really miss being outside,” she added. “I’m looking forward to getting some fresh air on the bike.”

    Claire has raised nearly £200,000 for Spinal Research by completing the marathon and hopes to continue supporting the charity with her next challenge.

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