Boyd Martin named “11th sexiest” 2012 Olympic athlete

  • US event rider Boyd Martin will go to the Olympics next week hoping for gold, but also as the “sexiest” rider.

    The 33-year-old Australian-born eventer has been named 11th sexiest athlete in the 2012 Olympic Games line-up, by US broadcaster Fox Sports.

    He is the only male equestrian in the top 99. And the only other horse rider in the poll is Zara Phillips, who ranked number 99.

    The poll was topped by Canadian Kayaker Adam van Koeverden.

    Boyd, who will be riding Otis Barbotiere at the Games, has been preparing at Eddie Stibbe’s Gloucestershire yard. Boyd and 10-year-old Otis Barbotiere by Quidam De Revel, finished third at Kentucky this year.

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