Australians take first and second at Malmo

  • Clayton Fredericks won the World Cup Eventing Final in Malmo yesterday. He show jumped a clear round to rise from third place on Ben Along Time.

    Andrew Hoy racked a pole on his show jumping round to secure second place overall in the competition followed by the Finnish rider, Piia Pantsu, who also racked a pole on her round, to finish third.

    William Fox Pitt was the best of the British – he had clear stay on Ballincoola and finished fourth overall in the competition.


    1. Clayton Fredericks (AUS) 42.0
    2. Andrew Hoy (AUS) 44.4
    3. Piia Pantsu (FIN) 46.5
    4. William Fox Pitt (GBR) 50.0
    5. Olivia Bunn (AUS) 50.5
    6. Karin Donckers (BEL) 56.1
    7. Jan Thompson (USA) 61.3
    8. Julie Tew (GBR) 61.3
    9. Phillip Dutton (AUS) 61.4
    10. Heidi White (USA) 62.2

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