Para riders encouraged to join British Dressage

  • Avon Riding Centre in Bristol is hosting The Way Forward, a para dressage day, on 9 January.

    The event aims to encourage more Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) riders to join British Dressage (BD).

    The event, organised in conjunction with British Dressage South West, will cover a range of para dressage topics including classification, preparing horses and riders for competition and judging criteria.

    There will be demos from RDA and World Class Para Squad members Deb Criddle, Ed Chanin and Erin Orford.

    Only 175 of 25,000 registered RDA riders are members of BD, even though there are several top para dressage riders.

    Paralympic rider Simon Laurens, organiser of The Way Forward, said: “I want to get the message out there that para dressage is not just about the top end performance sport, but at competition and training at any level.

    “By becoming members of British Dressage, para riders can tap into a whole regional network of training and support.”

    The day begins at 10am. For tickets (£12.50) call or email Amanda Heath on 07894 232355 or amandaheath@britishdressage.co.uk.

    For location details and more on RDA see: www.avonridingcentre.org.uk

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