Merrist Wood Arena affiliated dressage 27 May ’07

  • Novice 27 Judge: Yvonne Huber

    1. Ryans Rebel (Susie Pilbeam) 64.64%
    2. Sir Whily (Fiona Gordon Smith) 64.29%
    3. Sarah Rolt (Mackenzies Gold) 64.29%

    Despite the awful weather, the novice 27 was closely fought ending in a tight finish with Susie Pilbeam and Ryans Rebel winning on 64.64%.

    Novice 30 qualifier Judge: Maureen McPhillips

    1. Pentrefelin Madigan (Ben Plant) 66.54%
    2. Rebel Vision (Fiona Gordon-Smith) 65%
    3. Sarah Rolt (Mackenzies Gold) 63.85%

    Ben Plant was the clear winner of the novice qualifier, finishing with a score of 66.54%.

    Elementary 41 Judge: Maureen McPhillips

    1. Longdean Retzina (S. Moorey) 69.60%
    2. Just Louis (Jo Heaseman) 65.20%
    3. Just A Tilly (Cressida Heath) 64%

    S Moorey won the elementary 41 class by a significant margin on 69.60%.

    Elementary 44 qualifier Judge: Debbie Pateman

    1. The Diamond Pedlar (Jo Horler) 73.20%
    2. Longdean Retzina (S. Moorey) 67.20%
    3. Shepherds Delight (Vicky Cloke) 66%

    Jo Horler completed her summer regional qualification by winning the elementary 44 open qualifier with the highest score of the day on The Diamond Pedlar. This combination is based at Merrist Wood and were placed third in the restricted elementary at last year’s national championships.

    Medium 63 qualifier Judge: Debbie Pateman

    1. Travel-A-Way (Luarn Waller-Dunn) 70%
    2. Leonard (Esme Pearson) 67.59%
    3. Oliver Twist XI (Tor Fenwick) 65.86%

    Luarn Waller–Dunn was the last to ride in the medium qualifier and completed the class with an emphatic win, scoring 70%.

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