Dressage: What’s in and what’s out

  • What’s in

    • New season pastel-coloured matching bandages, numnah, rider’s lipstick and lorry
    • Sparkly browbands, glittery hoof oil, silvery trim on numnahs (for dressage to music — particularly pas de deux)
    • Athens 2004 polo shirts, sweatshirts, jackets etc
    • Coloured long leather boots — navy blue, maroon, etc
    • Having more than one trainer — ideally one at home and one in Germany
    • Ice-making machines in lorries for owners’ cocktails
    • Gundogs and Greyhounds (pictured)
    • Fur gilets
    • Poll relief bridles
    • Two-way radio headsets for the warm-up arena
    • Appreciating the value of your back up team

    What’s out

    • Wrap around sunglasses — so event rider
    • Baseball caps — so show jumper
    • Sydney 2000 polo shirts, sweatshirts, jackets etc
    • Bleached short hair — so Sydney
    • Jack Russells or any type of terrier
    • No knickers (VPL is back)
    • Friends shouting “helpfully” on the sidelines
    • Walking round wrapped in your horse’s monogrammed rug

    Timeless classics

    • Union Jack flags on jackets
    • Girls with pearl earrings
    • Diamond studs
    • Whiter than white jods
    • Really shiny, really long, black leather boots

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