Davison wins Hickstead international freestyle

  • British team member Richard Davison (pictured right)and Ballaseyr Royale claim top slot in the CDIO grand prix freestyle on the final day at Hickstead

    Richard Davison provided Britain with another international win taking the CDIO grand prix freestyle with his forthcoming WEG team ride Ballaseyr Royale.

    Despite the difficult and uncomfortable conditions of heavy rain for the seven competitors in this class, to the credit of all the horses not one demurred.

    Richard rode the 12-year-old mare to the familiar strains of his previous winning kur used in the past with former team horse Hiscox Askari with whom he won this title in 1998 and 2000.

    “I was particularly pleased with her, especially as she never lost her concentration under the testing circumstances,” said Richard, whose next test will be in the main stadium in Jerez.

    German riders Falk Rosenbauer (Dona Castania) and Anja Ploenzke (Chopin) took second and third.

    Anja Ploenzke, the prolific winner at the Soley CDI earlier in the year, prevented Carl Hester making a clean sweep in the small tour classes winning the intermediaire I freestyle with her nine-year-old stallion Solero.

    Carl and Escapado were a close second in their second international competition together and the combination now travel to the forthcoming CDI in Rotterdam to contest their first international overseas.

    Carl was also in the ribbons rounding off a successful weekend for the Gloucestershire-based former Olympic rider with the home-bred Donnerhall mare Donner Rhapsody placed third.

    Shearwater final (six-year-olds)

    Damian Hallam and the Va Tout stallion Wikefield Grane Viking were the winners of this year’s international Shearwater final for -six-year-olds.

    Damian had a comfortable margin of victory with the horse described by the judges as ” an exciting prospect”, who gained a row of eights for the three paces and 8.5 for aptitude.

    Wiltshire-based Dan Hammond was second with the Dutch-bred gelding Fiano and Amanda Blundell third with the British-bredmare Marike, with whom she was also third last year.

    Euro Future Cup

    German young rider Britta Laumans had a successful show winning the Euro Future Cup classes and taking her fourth win in the prix st georges freestyle with the upstanding gelding Rheinbote.

    Junior team member Maria Eilberg was the best of the British under 21’s with her father’s German-bred gelding Two Sox contesting their first young rider international.

    International event rider Lucinda Fredericks, the winner at Punchestown -day this year, representing Australia here headed the CDI consolation grand prix with her mother’s British-bred former event mare Azupa Gazelle.


    CDIO grand prix freestyle (T Asmyr, L van Olphen, G Weber-Stephen, D Mason, I Judet). 1, Ballaseyr Royale (R Davison-GBR) 73.39; 2, Dona Castania (F Rosenbauer-GER) 72.41; 3, Chopin (A Ploenzke-GER) 71.88; 4, Rubicon M (H Graf Zedwitz-GER) 70.66; 5, Jarwo (A Falandt-NED) 70.51; 6, Hercules (S Boschman-NED) 68.31.

    CDI Stubbing Court consolation grand prix (A Gardner, Y Visser, I Summanen). 1, Azupa Gazelle (L Fredericks-AUS) 64.33; 2, Joy (P Callaghan-NED) 64.0; 3, Prince Balou Thor (D D’Esme-FRA_ 63.87; 4, Jazz Dancer (V Thompson-GBR) 63.8; 5, Dikkiloo (K Mepham-GBR) 63.47; 6, Fabian II (L Brindle-GBR) 63.13.

    Martin Collins Enterprises Inter I Freestyle (J Brown, K Kruger, I Judet, D Mason, S Clarke). 1, Solero RBS (A Ploenzke-GER) 74.28; 2, Escapado (C Hester-GBR) 73.14; 3, Donner Rhapsody (C Hester-GBR) 69.38; 4, Kwadraat (B Moody-GBR) 67.91; 5, Flamenco (S Wilton-GBR) 67.62; 6, Astonish (H Andersen-GBR) 67.16.

    Shearwater International Young Dressage Horse (six-year-old) (T Asmyr, I Summanen, M Assouline). 1, Wikefield Grane Viking (D Hallam) 80.42; 2, Fiano (D Hammond) 72.92; 3, Marike (A Blundell) 67.92.

    Walfried Euro Future Cup Young Rider PSG freestyle (J Brown, S Clarke, L van Olphen). 1, Rheinbote (B Laumans-GER) 70.85; 2, Two Sox (M Eilberg-GBR) 69.98; 3, Modern Classic (B Gosmeier-GER) 69.6; 4, Fantastic Elastic (G Bloomer-IRL) 69.05; 5, Theseus (A Zeppke-GER) 68.05; 6, Capriccio (R van Campen-BEL) 68.02.

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