Charlie Hutton’s dressage blog

  • Inspired at Windsor

    Charlie misses out at the regionals, but finds motivation at Windsor Europeans

    Competitions galore

    It’s been a busy couple of weeks for the Hutton family with more time spent out at competitions than at home

    Addington international

    Charlie’s horses show the reverse of their expected form at Addington international

    Winter dressage champs

    Charlie was pleased with how his horses went at the winter dressage championships at Hartpury

    Training and fabulous physio

    It’s been a busy week for Charlie with two days of World Class training and two days competing

    Feeling a bit below par

    I was fine on Monday, but then Tuesday night I threw up about five times and was sick for the next two days…

    A new challenge

    This week eventer Lucy Wiegersma brought one of her advanced horses, Porloe Alvin, to Talland for me to ride for three weeks…

    Success at Burrows Court

    I went out competing on Thursday at Burrows Court, not far from us in Gloucestershire. I took my sister Pippa’s ride, Belmondo, as well as my own home-bred mare Amo…

    Life at Talland

    Welcome to my first weekly blog for Horse&Hound. I thought I’d start by letting you know a little about my day-to-day life. I’m generally on the yard at my family’s Talland School of Equitation in Gloucestershire by half seven, and try to get 8 horses ridden by half one…

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