Charlie Hutton’s blog: inspired by Windsor Europeans

  • The regionals didn’t go very well last week. I was pleased with the horses but the classes at Addington were very strong. I got 66% on Belmondo in the medium and that put me 20th and I know Kate Attlee got 69% and ended up ninth. I’m still quite happy though as I already have eight rides directly qualified for the nationals.

    I spent the rest of the week riding the horses at home and getting them set up for my mother to take over riding them this week while I’m at Windsor performing in part of a dressage quadrille each day. We were working on Nemo’s passage while there’s no competitions for him as I want to get it confirmed this winter so that we can get him secure at grand prix in training — we want to try and come out with a bang when we do start grand prix in competition.

    I had to work on Sunday as I wanted to ride all the horses before I came to Windsor — I’ve been away so much with internationals and the Euros. Being at Windsor doing the quadrille is such an amazing opportunity, to ride in such a great atmosphere and then be able to watch such top combinations.

    I haven’t had a chance to see Edward Gal in competition yet as we were warming up for the quadrille. Watching Emma Hindle — I’ve never been so nervous watching somebody else’s test before. I was slightly tearful ringing Mum yesterday to let her know that we had won team silver.


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