British Dressage to limit qualifiers

  • British Dressage (BD) is to limit the number of qualifiers that show centres can run to two days per month (excluding music qualifiers). If both days are at the weekend, a third day is allowed. There will be no limit for non-qualifiers.

    From 1 February 2005, venues can run as many new “training classes” as they like. These will not carry BD grading points.

    Also from February 2005, venues will be limited to two qualifiers per season at prix st georges, intermediaire I and intermediaire II levels.

    Premier League shows may also include additional qualifiers at these levels and will continue to run grand prix qualifiers. There will be no limit for non-qualifier classes.

    In order to raise the profile of Premier League shows, venues within a 100-mile radius will not be allocated a qualifier at prix st georges, intermediaire I or intermediaire II within a week of the Premier League date.

    The changes follow consultation with members and show organisers but are subject to ongoing evaluation and review. BD and regional development officers want to improve self-regulation by venues to avoid clashes of show dates.

  • This news story was first published in Horse & Hound (4 November 04)

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