British Dressage members will still vote for chairman

  • Member of British Dressage (BD) will retain the right to vote for their chairman following a postal vote and highly publicised campaign by one member to block a BD-proposed change.

    In its spring newsletter, BD proposed changing voting rules so the chairman would be elected from and by the board of nine directors (news, 8 May).

    This special resolution was due to be approved at the AGM in June, but chairman Jennie Loriston-Clarke granted a postal ballot to be sent to all members with both cases, for and against, clearly laid out (news, 19 June).

    Out of 285 people taking part in the vote published last week, 80% were against the change. A majority of 75% in favour was required to pass the resolution.

    BD member Terry Wardle has been responsible for raising publicity about the resolution.

    He said: “I’m delighted. This shows that the average member does have a voice.”

    Mr Wardle had been infuriated by the way the change was “hidden away” in British Dressage magazine and said the ballot paper was “verging on incomprehensible”.

    A BD spokesman said only 2% of members voted, adding: “But even with such a small number voting, the resolution is rejected and no alteration will be made to the articles.”

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