British dressage duo ahead at Hickstead

  • Britain’s Emile Faurie and Carl Hester make their mark with clear wins at Dressage to Hickstead’s international meeting

    British riders Emile Faurie and Carl Hester gained winsin the first classes of the weekend’s international competition at Hickstead.

    Emile gained a unanimous verdict from the five judges to win the CDI grand prix with his former team ride Rascher Hopes.

    The experienced combination also had a three percent margin of victory over the German combination of Miriam Henschke and Napoleon.

    German-based British rider Fiona Bigwood returned to compete on home soil taking third place with the Danish-bred Afrikka – a former British national elementary champion.

    Carl Hester once again dominated the small tour classes here at Hickstead.

    Carl, a former Hickstead small tour winner with Donnersong, headed both the prix st georges and intermediaireI with Roly Luard’s German-bred Escapado.

    Carl also took second place in the prix st georges with Donner Rhapsody – these two combinations three percent ahead of the 38 strong field.

    Emile took third place with Danish-bred Racit.

    The CDIO (the team grand prix) was headed by German rider Falk Rosenbauer with Dona Castania, a 13-year-old mare by Donnerhall.

    Twenty-nine-year-old Falk was second in this year’s German professional riders championships.

    British rider Laura Richardson, the youngest member of this year’s team to contest the World Equestrian Games in Jerez, gained second place and best of the home squad, with the stallion Millenium, recording a score just short of69%.

    Third place went to the Dutch rider Antoinette Falandt with the Dutch bred gelding Jarwo, a 13-year-old by Dutch team stallion Ferro.

    Four teams contested the CDIO which became a duel between Germany and Great Britain with the former gaining the edge with an average score of 67.77 against the British average score of 67.31.


    CDIO grand prix (N Williams, I Judet, G Weber-Stephen, J Brown, S Clarke). -1, Dona Castania (F Rosenbauer-GER)69.28; 2, Millenium (L Richardson-GBR) 68.8; 3, Jarwo (A Falandt-NED) 68.0; 4, Chopin (A Ploenzke-GER) 67.8; 5, Ballaseyr Royale (R Davison-GBR) 67.32; 6, Active Walero (N McGivern-GBR) 66.76.

    CDI grand prix (T Asmyr, D Mason, I Judet, L van Olphen, G Weber-Stephen). -1,Rascher Hopes (E Faurie-GBR) 68.56; 2, Napoleon (M Henschke-GER) 65.8; 3, Afrikka (F Bigwood-GBR) 65.56; 4, Ultimat Thor (D D’Esme-FRA) 64.8; 5, Amanti (P Hutton-GBR) 64.76; 6, Little Big Man (F Rosenbauer-GER) 64.36.

    Small tour

    FEI Prix st Georges (J Kidd, J Loriston-Clarke, I Summanen, K Kruger, J Brown). -1, Escapado (C Hester-GBR) 72.0; 2, Donner Rhapsody (C Hester-GBR) 70.5; 3, Racit (E Faurie-GBR) 67.9; 4, Jaywalker(Y Truesdale-IRL) 66.55; 5, Fabulus (KH Gjerde-NOR)66.4; 6, Moskino (D Timson-GBR) 66.15.

    FEI Inter I (Y Visser, D Mason, T Asmyr, J Kidd, L van Olphen). -1, Escapado (C Hester-GBR) 71.55; 2, Solero RBS (A Ploenzke-GER) 70.75; 3, K Beautie (N Jourdain-GBR) 67.75; 4, Kwadraat (B Moody-GBR) 67.05; 5, Fabulus (KH Gjerde-NOR) 67.0; 6, Le Touquet (M Henschke-GER) 66.5.

    FEI young rider preliminary (Y Visser, N Williams, A Gardner). -1, Rheinbote (B Laumans-GER) 68.06; 2, Two Sox (M Eilberg- GBR) 67.78; 3, Theseus (A Zeppke-GER) 66.94; 4, Argala (M Henschke-GER) 66.39; 5, Capriccio (R Van Campen-BEL) 65.56; 6, Modern Classic (B Gosmeier-GER) 65.28.

    FEI Euro Future young rider team test (K Kruger, I Summanen, J Loriston-Clarke). -1, Santas (P Hodges-GBR) 67.52; 2, Rhienbote 67.09; 3 Theseus 66..32; 4, Grand Sam (C Saker-GBR) 66.24; 5, Capriccio 65.98; 6, Modern Classic & Argala 65.81.

    Young rider team result1, Germany (Modern Classic, Rheinbote, Argala, Theseus) av 66.41; 2, Great Britain (Maxwell – G Green, Santas, Two Sox, Lodewijk – L Beckett) av 65.56.

    National young rider team test (K Kruger, I Summanen, J Loriston-Clarke). -1, Donizetti (J Caple) 64.7; 2, Ideal (S Cowie) 64.44; 3, George Rex (H Brown 64.02; 4, Benvenuto Arminius (R Moreton-Deakin) 63.5; 5, Kreol (P Hodges) 62.39; 6, Kafka (R Middleton) 61.2.

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