Askari on form in Amsterdam

  • Richard Davison and Hiscox Askari showed their penchant for the indoor circuit and freestyle gaining more than 72% in their first World cup qualifier of the winter season at the Amsterdam CDI-W.

    The British combination finished in fifth place in the freestyle and took sixth in the grand prix (short version).

    The German combination of Rudolph Zielinger and Livinjo won the qualifier just a whisker ahead of Anky Van Grunsven and Gestion Joker who were the winners of the grand prix.

    It was a poignant night for Anky who officially retired her Olymic gold medal partner Gestion Bonfire infront of a capacity audience.

    Results – Amsterdam CDI-W

    Grand prix – short version (J Peeters, P Engel, B Buerchler-Keller, W Ernes, M Cunningham-Becker). 1, Gestion Joker (A Van Grunsven-NED) 70.49; 2, Livijno (R Zeilinger-GER) 69.32; 3, Olympic Jup (S Gademan-NED) 68.39; 4,Bon Voyage Z (S Peter-AUT) 66.8; 5, Albfuehren’s Sir S (F Cantamessa-SUI) 66.63; 6, Hiscox Askari (R Davison-GBR) 66.20; 18, Reuters Tiamo Trocadero (E Faurie-GBR) 60.83.

    Freestyle World cup qualifier (W Ernes, M Cunningham-Becker, J Peeters,Pengel, B Buerchler-Keller). 1, Livinjo 75.18; 2, Gestion Joker 75.03; 3,Olympic Jup 73.26; 4, Red Liner (A K Kroth-GER) 72.94; 5, Hiscox Askari 72.84; 6, Luxaflex (T Bartels-NED) 72.00

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