Some of the best stable bandages and wraps — essential items to have on your yard

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  • Stable bandages and leg wraps provide support for tired legs, help to prevent post-exercise swelling and also give warmth and protection. Here is our pick of some of the best bandages and wraps available

    While many of us remember the days when traditional gamgee and bandages with string ties were the norm, the potential for damage if applied unevenly has lead all but the most traditional of owners to move away from them. They have been mainly replaced by ribbed or quilted wraps or wraps made using layers of foam to provide even pressure. For the bandages, the longer they are the more support they will give, while bandages with a Velcro fastening tend to reduce the likelihood of uneven pressure on the tendons. If you think you will be bandaging over wet legs, it is a good idea to choose wraps made of breathable fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin and bandages made of knitted fabric for the same reason.

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    Premier Equine Polo fleece bandages

    These bandages from Premier Equine are four metres long, five inches wide and made of high quality fleece. They can support your horse’s legs in a variety of situations including travelling, in the stable or for exercise. They are also anti-pill, highly breathable and machine washable and tough enough to be used for everyday use.
    RRP: £18.99 (set of 4)
    Visit: www.premierequine.co.uk

    Woof Wear Polo bandages and leg wraps

    The fleece polo bandages can be used with the deep foam filled leg wraps while stabling or travelling to provide support to the legs without the danger of pressure points. In addition, they will help to keep joints warm and improve circulation.
    RRP: Bandages £19 (pack of 4)
    Luxurious leg wraps £14.99 (pack of 2)
    Visit: www.woofwear.com
    Buy now from Amazon.co.uk >>

    WeatherBeeta fleece bandage

    New from Weatherbeeta, these fleece bandages come in a pack of four and offer good protection to your horse’s legs. They are made of a high quality fleece fabric which contains strong anti-pilling properties and are three and a half metres in length.
    RRP: £20.99
    Visit: www.weatherbeeta.co.uk

    Showmaster leg wraps

    The good thing about these leg wraps is that they are extra-large (47 x 85cm) which means they provide good protection and support when worn in the stable. Not only that, they are generously padded, to help give extra support and warmth to tired or injured legs.
    RRP: £17.90
    Visit: www.kramer.co.uk

    Premier Equine bandage pad wraps

    These lightweight pads incorporate three layers of comfortable and soft towelling to absorb and dry moisture, wicking it away from your horse’s coat. The inner foam layer provides cushioning, helps protect against knocks and provide warmth. They are available in three different sizes ranging from 27cm wide to 40 cm wide.
    RRP: £10.99 per pair
    Visit: www.premierequine.co.uk

    HyIMPACT Stable protection boot

    The HyIMPACT Stable protection boots offer a convenient, effective alternative to traditional stable bandages that saves both time and effort. The boots are available in three different sizes to cater for a variety of horses and are designed in a practical black fabric with a grey lining. Their Velcro straps allow an adjustable fit for support and to aid circulation yet avoid the pressure points and lessen the risk of tendons bowing. They are also breathable and have the ability to wick moisture away from your horse’s skin.
    RRP: £24.99
    Visit: www.hy-equestrian.com
    Buy now from Amazon.co.uk >>

    Eskadron Climatex bandage pads

    Designed three dimensionally to improve air circulation and give added breathability these Eskadron Climatex wraps also provide the great protection and support.
    RRP: from £22 for set of four
    Visit: www.edgemere.co.uk
    Buy now from Amazon.co.uk >>

    LeMieux stable bandages

    These bandages are made with hard wearing knitted fabric, which is good for breathability and allow moisture to escape. The Velcro fastenings allow even pressure, measure 4.20meters and are sold in pairs.
    RRP: £16.95 for a pair
    Visit: www.lemieuxproducts.com
    Buy now from Amazon.co.uk >>

    Rhinegold knitted bandages

    Made for a range of purposes including protection in the stable, securing a dressing or when travelling and come complete with a re-usable carry bag. Like the LeMieux stable bandages they are made of knitted fabric and available in a variety of colours
    RRP: £ 11.95 for a set of four
    Visit: www.rhinegold.eu
    Buy now from Amazon.co.uk >>

    TransHorse Sport leg wraps

    TransHorse Sport leg wraps are made using protecting memory foam with the part of the bandage nearest the hoof being covered with strong microfibre, adding to the durability of these bandages. The inside is made of cotton to keep a horse’s leg dry and allow breathability.
    RRP: £26.99 per pair
    Visit: www.horze.co.uk
    Buy now from Amazon.co.uk >>

    Protechmasta Leg wraps

    These soft, wicking, air mesh wraps also have clever ceramic content that means these wraps have therapeutic properties: they regulate temperature, stimulate blood flow and help to promote the repairing of wear and tear.. They come in a range of sizes in black.
    RRP: £65 a pair
    Visit: www.harryhall.com
    Buy now at Amazon.co.uk >>

    Premier Equine No Bow bandage wraps

    Badly applied traditional gamgee underneath stables bandage carries a risk of causing your horse’s tendons to bow. These wraps apply a more even pressure to your horse’s legs and lessen the risk of bowing . They fit securely, are lightweight and strong.
    RRP: £10.99 per pair

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