Suzanna Hext’s road to recovery: seriously exciting news

  • I guess if my life stood still, not only would it be boring for myself, it would make for some incredibly dull reading in my blog updates! However, at times I wish I was slightly more organised at planning some chill time. Instead I seemingly like to fill any spare moment with important activities such as going to the gym — again!

    I have had an incredible few weeks, with a couple of seriously mega weekends to remember. They have left me looking into space and dreaming. Reminiscing in any given spare moment! I become so over excited when I talk about all my recent news, some people must think I am slightly mad — they may even be correct!

    Granted, there are many activities I wish I could still do; however, riding, working, swimming, going to the gym and being independent are all things I can still do and they mean so much to me. I will also never take them for granted ever again, as so many of us do on a daily basis.

    Completely over the moon


    Starting with the most recent and most exciting results, this was at Hartpury College para competition at the weekend.

    Emma, Davy and I set off in the lorry with Pammy Hutton’s Amo, Abira (pictured above and top), Enjoy and Marilyn Pilgrim’s Forever. I was extremely lucky to get the chance to ride Abira at Hartpury, as we decided that Forever wasn’t quite ready to go out to his first competition with me yet.

    Forever went for an outing and came fourth in the novice test with Davy Harvey riding him. He was extremely well behaved and looked as if he enjoyed being back out competing again!

    Amo and Abira were on flying form. Abira won both classes with scores of 72.5% and 71.43% and Amo came second in both classes scoring 64.44% and 68.33%.

    Abira wasn’t too disappointed not to canter into the arena, he has such a chilled temperament. He also wasn’t fazed by the interesting system we have mounting at the lorry, he stood solid as a rock. We seem to have this procedure down to a fine art now!

    After having such fantastic success on Abira, Pammy has very kindly said that I can compete him in my para competitions. This is seriously exciting news, and I am having to pinch myself to make sure it’s actually happened! Pammy will also continue to compete Abira.

    The help and support that Pammy and the amazing team at Talland have given me is overwhelming. It means everything to me and has changed my life around since my accident. I couldn’t be pursuing my dream like I am, without the completely incredible people I have got around me.

    Upping her game

    Amo has seriously upped her game, I think she didn’t like the thought of other horses coming onto the scene! Our partnership is growing and I am extremely fond of her.

    I trust Amo completely and love the fact that I can hold her outside the lorry at a competition, without her walking away, and I can put her stable rugs on and put her to bed when we get back.

    This adds to the enjoyment of being back around horses and on a yard again, and she loves the attention, especially if polos are involved!

    A couple of weekend’s ago I competed at Hunter’s Equestrian in a couple of able bodied tests at elementary level. Amo was on fire and came second and third in her two elementary tests.

    Abi Hutton warmed me up for both tests and I found this was a great help. Especially as she knows Amo so well.

    Unfortunately it was horrendous weather that day, this is where the eventer in me came out, having been very used to doing a test in the pouring rain! I did feel slightly sorry for everyone that had kindly come to watch though!

    In the next couple of weeks Amo and I are going to take a step up and try our hand at a medium and advanced medium test at Summerhouse. I can’t wait, I love a challenge!

    Going great guns

    woody and suz

    My friend (Jaime Hughes) and I took to the road to go to see my event horse Woody that I put on loan — not that I’m sure Jaime was that keen on being a passenger in my car.

    I hadn’t seen Woody since July 2014, when he went up to Staffordshire to be ridden by Phoebe Clunn. I do however get regular updates and YouTube videos of him, so I know exactly how he is getting on.

    I’d like to think Woody instantly remembered me. I clicked at him when he was standing on the yard and he stared right at me, pricked his ears up and then he put his head in my arms.

    Woody, as I’ve previously mentioned, is one very lucky horse to be alive after suffering from liver disease. We have a very close relationship and it was a difficult decision to put him out on loan.

    I had previously sold a pony to Phoebe and I knew she was a very confident rider and was going to look after him.

    I gave Phoebe a jump lesson while I was up there, and it was great to see how much they had progressed. Bring on the event season!

    woody and phoebe

    Being realistic

    Understandably, at some point my progress in physio had to plateau out to a certain extent. It’s all about being realistic, however, I’m not very good at this and find it very frustrating.

    I made so much progress last summer in such a short space of time that it could never continue to advance at such a pace. At the moment the extremely intense spasms and pain are holding me back from getting to the next stage.

    I am revisiting my consultants at the John Radcliffe to get an overall look at my case to see where we take it forward from here. So fingers crossed!

    However, I am still continuing to improve my strength at Cadbury House Gym. Having Sam to help me with specific exercises and tailoring a programme to suit me is fantastic. He always comes up with some ingenious ideas!

    It’s all go

    As ever I have got a busy few weeks ahead. I’m Cornwall bound for the weekend, obviously the number one reason being due to Mother’s Day, however, also to get my pasty on the beach, fix of lambing, see the family, bridesmaid dress fitting, and evidently see Tapi and the horses!

    I am then perfecting my medium and advanced medium tests on Amo before Summerhouse and I’m braving London… Now, anyone that knows me well knows this is a big deal! I don’t venture that far very often, especially travelling on my own, so wish me luck.

    I’ll leave you with another inspiring quote that I really value: ‘You achieve what you believe.’


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