Sophie Wells’ dressage blog: scoring big

  • What a busy time we have had over the last few weeks. Three international competitions already done, two national championships, and a regionals, plus qualifiers for the summer championships. All of these competitions have made this year very busy, but it’s been very good as well!

    Last week we were in Saumur in France with Noki (Pinocchio, pictured) for the under-25 grand prix. Ange (my trainer) and Mark came with me, and despite the fairly miserable weather of constant rain (I had to dry two pairs of gloves after just one test), the show went well. We scored nearly sophie wells saumur 265% in the Inter 2 test. Noki fell over before the second piaffe, which was costly and frustrating, and he also had mistakes in the flying changes.

    During the grand prix he went well in his overall way of going. His passage, which was quite weak, is really coming on, but again mistakes in the flying changes were costly.

    Despite this we scored just over 65% internationally at grand prix which is really good. I’m very happy and determined to do a clean test next time, although at grand prix level that’s easier said than done!

    Jorge (C. Fatal Attraction) got a record 82% in a qualifier for the paras last week at Solihull, which is my personal best as well as his! Although there is room for improvement, we went for more expression and marks and the security within him was there to do it.

    Some exciting things are happening over the next couple of weeks here at Papplewick where I train, so keep I’ll keep you posted. Oh, I have also turned a scary 25 – that’s quarter of a century! Argh!


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