Sophie Wells’ dressage blog: my kingdom for a roof!

  • Time is passing far too quickly now as we head into the winter. We’re struggling already with our outdoor school and the amount of rain we have had over such a short space of time. What I would do right now for a roof!

    I’ve had a rough few weeks as far as my legs go. I’m coming off the medication that controls my nerve pain and leg weakness due to the side affects, and being on them for 3 years now, I’ve got to try something slightly different. But the weaning off process is painful, and the daily nerve pain is very draining. Although I try and control it with normal pain management, it doesn’t cure anything. I just hope I can get onto the new tablets ASAP to get it back under some sort of control.

    Gym bunny

    I was back in the gym today for the first time since the Europeans, with a bit of a break from it after Denmark then having a few back problems related to my leg nerve problems, its stopped me being brave enough to get back in there.

    It was good to catch up with my personal trainer, Eddy Simmons, who was very creative with my program running up to the Europeans, making sure everything was very specific to my riding. I’ll start again slowly with a lot of mobility work first, then once my legs have settled, we can crack on with some good winter training.

    The horses are well, Noki (pictured, top) is gearing up for the judges seminar at Brooksby college this week with Stephen Clarke, where we will be performing the new inter II, before doing his last show of the year at Vale View High Profile Show.

    Andy Milner from S Milner & Son was with us on the yard this week to do our regular saddle fitting and checks, including checking my Black Country Saddles on my boys. It’s so important every member of our team is on board with us, as small changes can make a massive difference to our sport. We also had lots of deliveries this week, our Bi-monthly Dodson & Horrell feed delivery for 20 horses — which takes some organising in the feed room, with bags everywhere — but it’s so important the horses get their individual needs met, and Rachel Sainsbury, D&H nutritionist does a fantastic job of watching over them all.

    Right — back outside after yet another change of clothes. Anyone got a spare dingy?


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