The road to the Badminton Mitsubishi Cup: ‘I read as far as “regrettably” and I rolled over and went back to sleep’

  • I swear the weather gods are against me. After the disappointment of Breckenbrough being cancelled 10 days ago I rang Eland Lodge to see if there was any point in putting my name on the wait list. I was told that there was between 10-15 names on both the BE90 and BE100 waitlists but there was no one on the BE100 open waitlist (which ran on the Saturday) so I put my name down, and as a back up I had also booked some cross-country training. Weekend sorted it was time to crack on with the week.

    I had a showjumping lesson at 6.30pm after work on Wednesday. This time it was about a 10 minute hack form mine (and Sara’s) house. Once again this required a very kind mother to bring Sara (Donner Sara B) in from the field for me. I got home from work, did a quick change onto the pony and hacked up the road. Mum also helped speed up the proceedings by putting Sara’s boots on. I was just about to get on and I looked at Sara’s legs and something did not look quite right; not only had mother managed to put the back boots on the front but also managed to put the left one on the right and vice versa. Note to self: don’t let mum tack up at Badminton!

    >>> The road to the Badminton Mitsubishi Cup: the arrival of the dreaded text message

    On Thursday I thought I would treat myself. After Sara got her back done by the physio a couple of weeks ago I decided it was my turn. My friend Alex came over to give me a sports massage. I must confess it did not feel like much of a treat during the massage but I did feel much better afterwards.

    On Friday morning I got a text message while eating breakfast and yay, I have been allotted my number for the Badminton Mitsubishi Cup. I am a bit of a geek so was straight on to the BDWP (British Eventing entries) website to look at my likely times.

    I am dressaging on the Wednesday. I had convinced myself that I would be dressaging on the Tuesday and that it would have therefore given me 24 hours to stress out before jumping, but the way it is does mean that I have more time to work in for dressage. I can’t work out which is the best way round so I’m glad I did not have to make the decision.

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    At 4pm I got the call (or rather email) to say I was in at Eland; fantastic! My dressage was not until the afternoon so there was plenty of time to get everything sorted. I rang to cancel my cross-country training. Luckily the organiser understood as I was getting to go eventing!

    Saturday morning at 5.56am I was woken by a text message. I read as far as “regrettably” and I rolled over and went back to sleep — Eland Lodge had abandoned its Saturday competition. Once I was finally awake I realised I had better see if I could get my training spot back, but it had also been cancelled so more showjump training it was.

    Sara was not on great form and felt a little lack lustre and I was a little bit worried but thinking back she had been brought in from the field, which still does not have a great deal of grass on it, and put straight on the lorry. I hope she was just a little low on blood sugar; I must remember to make sure that she has enough to eat at Badminton.

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    Sara and I headed to some local riding club dressage on Sunday. It was a lovely sunny day and part of me was wishing I was out on a cross-country course somewhere (typically both Eland and the training course were running that day).

    So far I have tried to go cross-country training three times and each time it has been cancelled because of the weather. I have entered two events both on Saturdays and both times the Saturday has been cancelled. I am entered at Kelsall this Saturday and I have everything crossed it will run.


    Carrie (and Sara)

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