The road to the Badminton Mitsubishi Motors Cup: Averting disaster

  • Why is it no matter how long you have to prepare you always need another day, or week or even month?! This week has flown by so quickly, excitement, panic and sheer fear have all been hitting me in waves.

    Once again the weather gods were challenging me to a duel! Monday and Tuesday were lovely while I was sat in the office looking out the window. But as soon as I got home got changed and grabbed the saddle to ride Sara (Donner Sara B) the mammoth sized hail stones would start falling from the sky with thunder and lightning to boot. We did mange to dart out in-between showers for a canter around the field and to run through the dressage test we’re due to do at Badminton a few times.

    We’ve had the lorry serviced this week. It transpires that maybe it was a good thing we didn’t make it to Breckenbrough or Eland Lodge horse trials as apparently there was virtually no oil in it. That could have been a catastrophic disaster. I have also treated us to a full interior valet in the lorry; I don’t think it has been this sparkly since we bought it.

    On Saturday we headed for a showjump school. The bit I ordered six weeks ago had finally arrived so thought I should give it a go. Sara was not a fan! She chucked her head up at every half halt, but even so she only touched one pole so I was happy.

    The new bit has been wrapped up ready for posting back and we are now back in the old one. It probably wasn’t the best idea to try new tack out less then a week before Badminton.

    The lorry packed full, ready to go

    The lorry packed full, ready to go

    We were flat work schooling yesterday (Sunday) and ran through the test again. Once home Sara had the bath of her life (pictured top post-bath); two rounds of shampooing, two rounds of sock scrubbing and then she was chalked up, had her tail thinned and washed and finished off with tail conditioner and then a final spray with coat shine (though not under the saddle area). I think she has more beauty products then I do!

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    Then it was lorry packing time! I had invited my boyfriend over under the premise of dinner but it was mostly so that he could lug the four bales of haylage, three sacks of horse feed and and both mine and my mum’s suitcases into the lorry (pictured above).

    Mum had carefully put out all the food to take though I did intervene when I found 300 tea bags, two bottles of Ribena and about 50 cereal bars. I think she was packing for the month!

    See you all very shortly…

    Love Carrie (and Sara)

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