Bean’s blog: apples and carrots are definitely essential

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  • Name’s Caribbean Spring, better known to all my many fans as the Bean. Am’s very famous seven-year-old racehorse, am exceptionally talented at the runnins with my small human aboard. Together we make a heckin’ great team but am not just known for my incredible racing talents am also a protector of the Small Human (SH) from the many dangers that lurk on the heath. Day to day I reckons I do her life a savin at least 10 times. The small human is oblivious can’t spot a dangers, if it wasn’t for the Bean doins a protectin Frankel only knows where the SH would be. My daily protections and reviews ofs tha chaos are posted ons my Twitter @LifeOfBean and Instagram @ThoughtsOfBean

    Tha lockdowns, am unsure what it all means, but the Humans keep bringins it up likes I bring up my snack requirements. Apparently it is toughs, means you can’t do the huggins, I did assumes as am getting a LOT MORE snuggles froms tha SH thans necessary but I don’t minds, for now, in exchange for snacks.

    One thing tha SH does seems happy abouts in tha lockdown is less four-wheelers ons roads — I don’ts mind the four-wheelers, gives me a good chance to show tha protec moves, but occasionally they drives at us or don’t stop for us at crossings and give the SH, Boss Human and SH’s Big Sister a fear. If tha lockdown means less squeakins and nots bein runs over, then ams a fan.

    Also all tha racehorses, nones as speedy as me, have been doins tha social distancing on tha heaths. I haves bean social distancings for years to keep the SH safes so ams in good practicins, but now it’s tha HUMANS idea, it’s ‘genius’, but because we alls want our Humans to be safety, all tha horses have hads a chat, 2m apart, ands agreed we’ll keep em safe and sane ’til this is all over. The Humans are practically box walkins to get back racing — needs to find something to do them a calms soon.

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    My only reals concerns with tha lockdowns though, it’s a big ones, is that, I can only haves. One. Apple. A. DAY. Am not saying it’s bad human behaviours, but am concerns I will waste away with just one apple, a a pick of grass, three feeds and two haynets a day only. I will get throughs it though in solidarity for tha Small Human runnins out of tha Creme Eggs — apparently they aren’ts an essential, apples and carrots definitely are, thank hecks.

    Anyways, I hopes you are all doins a safety at homes and doins your daily exercise likes me in tha sunshines and stay safes. Please don’t release any lanterns, remember to claps for the NHS and stay in yours stables.



    P.S be sure to do my videos a watch to checks your Bean’s safetys and always, ensure you have snacks.

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