Bean’s blog: go I dids, like a heckin’ speed machine

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  • Name’s Caribbean Spring, better known to all my many fans as the Bean. Am’s very famous six-year-old racehorse, am exceptionally talented at the runnins with my small human aboard. Together we make a heckin’ great team but am not just known for my incredible racing talents am also a protector of the Small Human (SH) from the many dangers that lurk on the heath.

    After I did the incredible winnins at Ascot, the Boss Human (BH) did a decide there was a race for the Bean and the Small Human (SH) again just four heckin’ days later. Luckily, ’cause I am an incredible athlete, Ascot was easy. So afters my rest days, I was ready for Southwell.

    SH was exhausted still, but I reassured the BH with a nibble I would takes care, and take care I did. It was rainy and Southwell is sandy likes the beach ands I didn’t want to gets Bean or the SH dirty — we’res nots a fan ofs the dirts. So we zoomed out and sat on the outside of everyone — there were a heckin’ lots of horses in that race. We came rounds the bend and SH saids “‘cmon then Beany, let’s go”, and go I dids, like a heckin’ speed machine. Passed every horse ins the field and wons easy — even did my ears a prickins. Am impressive likes that.

    SH was of course much excited and wouldn’t stop screaming “BEANY, you’re the BEST!”, which I do an appreciate, ’cause is a truth. BH couldn’t find anymore races for the Bean for a while after that, so I was back to protectin’ the SH ons the Heath in Newmarket. Gots so many snacks after that I gots a little chunky.

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    Am not just a one trick Bean though. Alongside my protectin’ I also am very impressives at tricks. My latest is doins my manger and my ball a throw out of my window at the Big Human, the yearlings (am doins them a favour to prepare for the world) and the BH, who does not understand the amuse, Mother Of Bean, SH. Big Sister thinks it’s the best trick ever they dos a laughin’ every heckin’ time and bring me back snacks in my manger. BH returns no snacks. One day I will makes him do a laugh, maybe if I get a launch ons him. The yearlings are learning and now only do a slight protectin’ instead of full scales ninja mode — I was impressed with one in particular — could be a good heckin’ sidekick. The BH hads hold of the first one I trieds it out on — was a learnins curve apparently, although BH is concernds if my throwin’ gets much better, I might manage to get it into the walker. I will keep practicins, and hope one day, I can get it into the walker.

    Be sure to do my videos a watchin’ to checks your beans safetys. And remember… always ensure you have snacks.


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