*NEW* Bean’s blog: meet Caribbean Spring (aka Bean) and his Small Human

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  • Name’s Caribbean Spring, better known to all my many fans as the Bean. Am’s very famous six-year-old racehorse, am exceptionally talented at the runnins with my small human aboard. Together we make a heckin’ great team but am not just known for my incredible racing talents am also a protector of the Small Human (SH) from the many dangers that lurk on the heath.

    Day-to-day I reckons I do her life a savin’ at least 10 times. The SH is heckin’ oblivious can’t spot a dangers pigeon a mile off, if it wasn’t for the Bean doins a protectin’, Frankel only knows where the SH would be. My daily protections and reviews of the chaos are posted ons my Twitter @LifeOfBean and Instagram @ThoughtsOfBean.

    I first met the SH in 2016, when I arrived at the boss human’s yard. The mother of Bean soon became one of my favourite humans as she was the first to provide the snacks — I ates them all within minutes of doin’ an arrive and gots more and more and now am chunky and mother of Bean is to blames.

    Mother of Bean was the ones I protected first, buts the day after I nearly flattened the Boss Human to save Mother Of Bean from a killer squirrel, it was decided the SH would do the ridins and soon enough I dones a winnin’ for the jockey human Jane. I dones three winnins with jockey human Jane, who told the Boss Human I did good boy Bean at the races and the SH should haves a go, ands have a go the SH did.

    Our very first race was ats Pontefract. Now I don’ts know much, but it’s a heckin’ long way away and SH said it was like a rollercoaster I did think she was goins to do a sick at one point for the sheer speeds I was doins (am very heckin’ fast). We didn’t do a win that day but I kept the SH safe and next time at Salisbury she didn’ts want to do a sick.

    The third time we raced together we knews what we were doins and obviously cause am so talented we dids a win at Ascot. The SH didn’t stops doins a grinnins all heckin’ day, even when I stopped to do a protectin’ in the winners enclosure (many humans surroundins had to do a checkins of the area as yous cans never be too sure). The boss human and the SH’s human (who is a stallion man and has to do me a lead up ’cause ams so important) were theres and were of course tellins everyone hows wonderful I am. I got extra extra snacks from everyones for my incredible runnins and everyone founds out who the Bean was.

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    At the moment, in-betweens my incredible runnins, I’ve bean given an important jobs to dos — am protector of not just the SH but also the SH’s Big Sister and my Neigh-Bour, Model, who is also a fast racehorse (almost as fasts as me, but nots quites), but unlike Bean doesn’t likes to make news friends, so I keeps thems all safe.

    Be sure to do my videos a watchin’ to checks your Bean’s safetys and remember peoples, always ensure you have snacks.


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