What’s new: Champion ventair hats

  • Traditional riding hats and warm summer weather are not a pleasant combination. The human head expels a lot of heat as part of the body’s natural cooling process, which can result in a sweaty mess, and ultimately lead to headaches and dizziness. Not ideal when you are trying to concentrate in the arena.

    However, a number of hats with ventilation systems have appeared in recent years to allow riders to enjoy riding their horses, whether hacking or at competitions, without suffering an unbearable hot head. These range from “bicycle-style” helmets with wide open vents, to hats with more traditional appearance.

    The latest company to offer hats in the later category is Champion, which has spent two years working on its new “ventair” range. The hats feature a stylish silver-coloured ventilated strip along the centre of the hat and a breathable net lining. The hat is lightweight and has a low profile with an adjustable harness.

    The Champion ventair is available in a choice of a jockey skull cap, or fixed peak styles, making them suitable for most disciplines. Both hats conform to PAS 015 and BS EN 1384, as well as carrying the BSI kitemark. The fixed peak hat is available in a choice of black and navy suede, while most standard hat covers will fit the skull cap.

    John Ayres of Champions explains: “An extraordinary amount of research and development has gone into this new hat as we have quite literally built it from scratch and returned to the drawing board a good many times over the past two years.”

    Both styles are available in sizes 6 1/4 to 7 3/4. The jockey skull costs around £80, while the fixed peak hat retails at around £96.

    For details of your local stockist visit: www.championhats.co.uk

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