Say goodbye to heavy haynets

  • Take the strain out of soaking wet hay with the Haywise feeder

    Dust spores from hay can have a detrimental efect on your horse’s respiration system. Continued exposure can inducecoughing and at worst lead to COPD.

    To help reduce dust spores hay should be soaked, but feeding soaked hay in the winter can be a nightmare. Frozen water bins and wet legs are just a few of the problems that can arise.

    To help make soaked hay easier on both your back and your pocket, HAYWISE has developed the Haywise feeder. This hygenic and easy to use forage feeding station has been designed to reduce wastage and help improve your horse’s environment.

    Dry hay is placed inside on top of a moving tray. A fixed grill is placed over the top and the unit is filled with water. After soaking for 30 minutes, the water is released through the plug at the bottom.

    The unit can then be wheeled into position up the yard and into a stable.

    The handle also has a slot for a rotating mineral or molasses lick. Strong and durable, the container is guaranteed for at least 30 years, while the working parts are guaranteed for 18 months.

    Cost at around £315 + VAT.

    For more information contact haywise (tel: 01497 851 374) or visit www.haywise.com

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