Meynell team chase results, 4 November

  • MEYNELL Yeaveley, Derbyshire, 4 November

    intermediate 1, Trifast Allstars (J Jewell, J Hanbury, R Chandler, G Sherwin); 2, Foxberry Chasers (S Metcalfe, L Williams, K Milner, S Dawes); 3, Wacky Racers (V Skade, B Fearnall, D Watts, E Cotterill); 4, Details To Follow; 5, Hopwas Hooligans; 6, Fools on Horses. nov pairs 1, M Hingley, L Wallworks; 2, A & A Christer-King; 3, S Bowler, L Glanville) . nov team 1, Gonalston Flyers; 2 eq, Court Flyers II and Quorn Flyers. inter pairs 1, (A Moore, M Manton).

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