Holcombe P-to-P

    Whittington, Saturday, 18 March (Dead Holding in places)

    485. Intermediate, 12st

    1 Ricky B (Rakaposhi King) (Richard Hewitt) A Wadlow
    2 Castleford (IRE) (William Kinsey) W Kinsey
    3 Tinarana Lord (IRE) (Gary Hanmer), 5x, fav G Hanmer

    Also: Brassie (4), Port Salon (IRE) (5), Royal Reference (6), 7a, Bromley Moss (7), Aughmor River (IRE) (8), Clever Nora (IRE) (ur), 7a, Daytime Arrival (IRE) (ur), Festival Time (pu), Seize The Moment (IRE) (f), Sunday Lunch (IRE) (pu), 7a. 13 ran. 3/4l, 2l, 30l, 8l, 5l, 20l, 4l. 7min 05.0s. SP: 25-1. (Flint & Denbigh).

    486. Confined, 12st5lb

    1 Pot Shot (Alflora (IRE)) (Pamela Sykes), 3x R Burton
    2 Robbie’s Adventure (Carrie Ford) Miss S Ford
    3 Chadswell (IRE) (Carrie Ford) H Challenor

    Also: Border Run (pu), Curly Spencer (IRE) (pu), 3x, fav, Head For The Hills (pu), Stamparland Hill (f), Top Weld (pu). 8 ran. 11/2fncs, dist. 7min 08.0s. SP: 3-1. (South Shropshire).

    487. Ladies Open, 11st

    1 Master Jock (Scottish Reel) (Gary Hanmer) Miss S Sharratt
    2 Ikdam Melody (IRE) (Peter Foster), fav Miss J Foster
    3 San Francisco (Freya Hartley) Miss F Hartley

    Also: Mytimie (IRE) (4), Returned Un Paid (IRE) (5), Doctor Hanley (IRE) (6), Mumaris (USA) (7), Slaney Native (IRE) (8), Cimarrone Cove (IRE) (9), Tina’s Scallywag (pu), 7a. 10 ran. 3l, 5l, 21/2l, 6l, 15l, hd, 21/2l, 4l. 7min 03.0s. SP: 4-1. (Cheshire).

    488. Mens Open, 12st

    1 Darnil (IRE) (Grand Plaisir (IRE)) (Sheila Crow), 4x, fav R Burton
    2 Gus Berry (IRE) (Alison Christmas) W Kinsey
    3 Briery Hill (Hector Barnfather) T Morrison

    Also: Natural (IRE) (4), 7x, Mulkev Prince (IRE) (pu), 7x, Pilot’s Harbour (pu). 6 ran. 4l, 35l, 3l. 7min 14.0s. SP: 2-5. (North Shropshire).

    489. Open Maiden 456&7yo, 2m5f 12st

    1 Proud Andees (IRE) (Un Desperado (FR)) (Gary Hanmer) G Hanmer
    2 Iris’s Dream (Peter Morris) S Ross
    3 Daffi (IRE) (Elizabeth Jestin), 7a C Dawson

    Also: Boldini (USA) (4), 7a, Patches Corner (5), Another Bargain (IRE) (pu), Bohemian Abbey (IRE) (f), fav, Cawkwell Meg (pu), 7a, Dancing Credit (pu), 7a, Heezbehindyou (IRE) (pu), 7a, Jack Doubleday (f), Mistermagicman (IRE) (f), Scolboa Arctic (IRE) (pu), 7a, 2ow, Sister Bury (pu), 7a, 3ow. 14 ran. 10l, 12l, 1/2l, 15l. 5min 59.0s. SP: 6-1. (Flint & Denbigh).

    490. Open Maiden, 12st5lb

    1 Engaged (St Ninian) (Philippa Shirley-Beavan) Miss N Patterson
    2 Thatlldoya (Paul Grindrod) Miss J Foster
    3 The Bare Minimum (IRE) (Steve Wynne) S Ross

    Also: Well Said Sam (4), Early Spring (f), 7a, Fair Doo (IRE) (bd), jfav, Grey Tarquin (pu), 7a, jfav, King Dante (IRE) (ur), Our Bill (ur), Parkett Hill (f), Red Rose Dixie (pu), 7a. 11 ran. 12l, 15l, 15l. 7min 14.0s. SP: 12-1. (Border).

    491. Hunt Members, 12st5lb

    1 Tregastel (FR) (Tel Quel (FR)) (Carrie Ford), fav Miss C Hurley
    2 Boogy Woogy (Robert Bowling), bl Miss M Bowling

    2 ran. 6l. 7min 17.0s. SP: 4-9. (Holcombe Harriers).

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