H&H advent calendar: 17 December 2011

  • Welcome to day 17 of Horse & Hound’s 2011 advent calendar. Today’s special offer is the chance to win a multipack of Likit winter flavours

    Likit Winter Treats

    Add a little variety to your horse’s life this Christmas with these exciting new additions to the Likit range. The Likit winter selection includes three new flavours: Berry Blast, Liquorice and Butterscotch.

    Designed to be used in conjunction with Likit Stable Toys, the delicious Likit treat blocks keep the horse interested and occupied, so helping to alleviate stable boredom and reducing stable vices.

    For more information on Likit products, plus tips on how to keep your equines happy and the chance to win a Multipack of Likit Winter Flavours, visit the Likit website

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