Great Yorkshire showing results, 10 July 2012

  • Cleveland Bay (Mrs A Burrington) y’ling.– 1 & ch, J Firth’s Barbarian Gigalo; 2, D Welch’s Knaresborough Timeless; 3, J Thornton’s Westfield Smartiepants. 2yo.– 1, H Ketley’s Kirkmoor Wolfsbane; 2, Mr & Mrs D Anderson’s Braithwaite Mayflower; 3, M Brown’s Ditchley Magnum. 4yo & over.– 1 & res, J Moore’s Penrhyn Chiffon; 2, S Pullan’s Knaresborough Moon Dust; 3, J Firth’s Willow Luceres. foal.– 1, Miss J Moore’s Guardian Angel. part-bred, 2/3yo.– 1 & ch, Oathill Teacake; 2 & res, J Firth’s Barbarian Double Jeopardy; 3, S Pullan’s Jaguar Moon. foal.– 1 & 2, J Moore’s Jemoon Shooting Star & Jemoon Time Traveller. coloured (Miss M Evans, P Cook) ridden, unplaited horse.– 1, E Green’s Apollo; 2, A Ross’ Dene Holly; 3, K Sutcliffe’s Kilkenny’s Chief. 148cm.– 1 & ch, M Davies’ Eye Spy; 2, L Johnson’s Longdon Black Jack; 3, C Tyrie’s Hairy Harry. plaited horse.– 1, C Bardo’s Aidensfield Rupert; 2, J Munro’s Sopretty; 3, C Edwards’ Royal Jester. 153cm.– 1 & res, K Allen’s Millpond Looks So Cheeky; 2, B Elliott’s Millpond Looks The Business; 3, L Waite’s Doylan Yves St Laurant. Irish draught in-hand (Mrs D Walton) b’mare.– 1 & ch, S Fletcher’s Ema; 2, J Leighton’s Lowmoor Fallon; 3, A Ives’ Balinmore Bridie. foal.– 1, A Ives’ Balinmore Reuben; 2, J Leighton; 3, J Errington’s Siona Shades Of Grey. y’stk.– 1, D Paul’s Toux Ula; 2, L Coates’ Carrigfada Morning Star; 3, M Mortimer’s Lady Ailis Of Leylandii. sport horse y’stk.– 1 & res, H Bramley’s First Term; 2, H Bramley’s What-A-Yarn; 3, L Spence’s Ballinglen Eddie. ridden (Mrs A Burrington, Mrs H Hillard).– 1, E Eadon’s Hazevern Wow Factor; 2, G Ross’ Mooncoin; 3, S Green’s Bowland Velocity. M&M in-hand (M Northam, Miss M Evans) lge, y’stk.– 1, C Grant’s Dewley Auburn Esther; 2, B Neal’s Valerock St George; 3, E Mangham’s Ruwenzori Marigold. Exmoor.– 1, F Dickson’s Coedywern Pasque Flower; 2, E L Wallace’s Anchor Fairytale; 3, J Rogers’ Lucie. lge, 4yo & over.– 1, B Malim’s Creag Chrannach Of Meggernie; 2 & ch, D Staveley’s Eastlands Mossiebrae; 3, C Grant’s Dunedin Rhiona. Exmoor, 4yo & over.– 1 & res, J Graham’s Kebroyd Catuvelluni; 2, D Wood’s Cosmic Izar; 3, A Partington’s Firebird. ridden hunter, novice (Mrs H Hillard, Miss L Cooke) lwt.– 1 & ch, J Day’s Diplomat’s Choice; 2, Aidensfield Rupert; 3, K Douglas’ Rehy Truly Special. hwt.– 1 & res, H Curtis’ Lismon President; 2, J Day’s Benjamin Button; 3, P Richmond’s Highlane Riley. retrained racehorse (Mrs A Hooley, Mrs L Tylor, Mrs J Banks).– 1, V Smart’s Roger’s Revenge; 2, H Hume’s Bond Playboy; 3, A Pepper’s Wentbridge Boy. ridden hunter (Mrs J Banks, Miss L Cooke) sml.– 1, K Campbell’s It’s After Eight; 2, J Day’s Party Time; 3, P Binks’ The Politician. lwt (D Walters, P Scott).– 1, M Wood’s Temple Mill; 2, Mr & Mrs W Bowdler’s Sutton Place; 3, I Darcy’s Diamond Hill. mwt.– 1 & res, S Dalrymple’s Military March; 2, S Iggulden’s Oathill Take The Biscuit; 3, P Coles’ Redwood Ash. hwt.– 1 & ch, C Bardo’s Silverstream; 2, Mr & Mrs A Hall’s Major Moylaw; 3, S Wicks’ Manton. working (Mrs A Hooley, P Scott) open.– 1 & ch, J Callwood’s Thor; 2, N Holloway’s Kilronans Son; 3, J Ainsworth’s Up Date. nov (Mrs L Tylor, Mrs J Banks).– 1 & res, Lady P Blackwood’s Conundrum; 2, A Hanson’s Bushmills; 3, M Bowling’s Renkum Great Dane.

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