Forest Edge Arena showjumping results, 9-11 July

  • KBIS British novice.— 1, Chavez II (D Claxton); 2, Victoria’s Diamond (E Maguire); 3, Full Monty Van De Arenberg (S Mason). 90cm nat am ch Q.— 1 The Diamond Rebel (R King); 2, Temple What More (S Strawson); 3, Favorite (J Sharp). 1m nat am ch Q.— 1, Mytice Minding Time (A Strawson); 2, The Diamond Rebel; 3, Charming (A Strawson). 1.10m nat am ch Q.— 1, PJ Thanique (E Moore); 2, Collin 43 (C Winchester); 3, Dream Diamond (L DeClerk). 1.15m nat am ch Q.— 1, PJ Thanique (E Moore); 2, Valerie B (T Conyers); 3, Collin 43 (C Winchester). 10 July: 70cm intro.— 1, Moondust (E Sanderson); 2, Oakfield Autumn Gleam (H Hewitt); 3, Grange Park Derby (M McCrory). stepping stones 128cm/138cm h’cap Q.— 1, 9 tied. small pony open.— 1, Carrbrook Special Edition (T Evans); 2, Firefly Of Riverdene (T Evans); 3, Chance In A Million (E Armes). Shaw Farm Stud tiny tots ch Q.— 1, 4 tied. pony British novice.— 1, Queen Of Coloureds (V Welch); 2, Marshways Perfect Puzzle (E Sanderson); 3, Crockets Cruise (C Sanderson). pony discovery/90cm.— 1, Reflex Rashall (T Evans); 2, Ninon De Mels (J Lunn); 3, Little Boy Blue (E Archdeacon). Blue Chip Feed Balancer pony newcomers/1m.— 1, Ninon De Mels (J Lunn); 2, Reflex Rashall (T Evans); 3, Golddigga VI (V Welch). Squibb Demolition pony Foxhunter/1.10m.— 1, A Touch Of Joy (J Baker); 2, Golddigga VI (V Welch). 70cm intro.— 1, Nutfields Champayne Bubbles (S Murrell); 2, Hayley’s Girl (S Rankin); 3, Red Archer (W Rekert). stepping stones 128cm/138cm h’cap Q.— 1, 10 tied. 90cm.— 1, Carrbrook Special Edition (T Evans); 2, Cocky Rocky (H Cooper); 3, Bellville Beauty (M Thorpe). Smiths Equestrian 128cm/138cm ch h’cap Q.— 1, 5 tied. pony discovery/90cm.— 1, Carrbrook Special Edition; 2, Bellville Beauty (M Thorpe); 3, Bockmer Madison (R Pointer). Independent Asset Management pony progressive ch Q/1m.— 1, Pretty Mate (R Pointer); 2, Hot Mango Chutney (R Pointer); 3, Star Rocket (K Peasley). Squibb Demolition Foxhunter/1.10m.— 1, Pretty Mate (R Pointer); 2, Rathmore Bob (H Cooper); 3, Alfon Lad (R Pointer). Halsall Electrical pony nat 1.15m members cup ch Q.— 1, Alfon Lad (R Pointer); 2, Star Rocket (K Peasley).

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