Area trial.– 1, About Time (P Crago); 2, Walk Tall (K Doyle); 3, Billy Grand (D Moseley). Henden Manor Estates Eraser Stakers.– 1, Inimoon (J Hughes); 2, Kannan Ball (P Crago); 3, Warstiener (K Doyle). discovery.– 1, Kings Welcome (N Braidwood); 2, Dasamorkus (J Annett); 3, Timstaar (F Seymour). Coltsford Mill 1.30m. – 1, Doma Sue (T Priest); 2, Bahrain Clover (M Dorgan); 3, Pepito D’Airsain (C Luyckx). Yorkshire Clothing Co newcomers/1.10m.– 1, Baloubet View (S Poirier); 2, Amadeus XIV (A Gamazova); 3, Rhyme D’Euro (E Dunning). 1.15m.– 1, Sedona (N Braidwood); 2, Scholarship (M Lonsdale); 3, Stella XVIII (M Dorgan). Harwoods Land Rover ride and drive.– 1, Bob Le Cob (P Lear); 2, My Molly Malone (M Goddard); 3, Wizardlea HFS (A Gamazova). Fires & Flues Top Score.– 1, My Molly Malone; 2, Kaletto (C O’Bryan); 3, Pauldarys Mystique (S Smith). A&P Hill Fruit British novice.– 1, Unbelievable Star (D Milton); 2, J One Design (T Fraser); 3, Bond 007 II (A Cory). 1m.– 1, Pachman (C Graham); 2, Busker IV (A Gamazova); 3, Dylan The Villain (M Hoad). H&H Foxhunter/1.20m.– 1, Do Wot (J Annett); 2, Floria II (T Fell); 3, Zlatan II (M Dorgan).