Derbyshire County show 22 June ’03

DERBYSHIRE COUNTY Elvaston Park, 22 June

ridden hunter (R Bower, A Edmunds): b’mare1 P Haltam’s Rynsky’s Girl. foal1, P Haltam’s Lady Davina. y’ling1, B Marsland’s Gucci II; 2, J Broos’s Enniskeane Secret Hope. 2-y-o1 & res, B Marsland’s Giorgio II; 2, J Mason’s Griffindor; 3, R & G Clutterbuck’s Waterloo Lily. 3-y-o1 & ch, L Boulton’s Not-enuff. ridden sml1,Grievson & Southern’s Bright Abundance; 2, R Cresswell’s Scarsdale Bobby Dazzler; 3, J Needham’s Fahavane Arctic Boy. nov1, A Robert’s Mountain Spring; 2, A Witcomb’s Brightweels Fortune; 3, E Wright’s Ballinvisto. l’wt1 & ch, J Bank’s Palladium; 2, K Watson’s Marton Elyvator; 3, Bright Fortune. m’wt1 & res, K Bloom’s Blamire Manana; 2, A Witcomb’s Regal Spark; 3, L Lear’s Carnival Heights. h’wt1, M Chamber’s Ferro ch, ladies’ (M Thomas)1, Bartram & Warner’s Beamish III; 2, H Green’s Star Parade; 3, M Holmes’s Balvenie Castle. hack (T Wiggett): sml1 & ch, A Day’s Country Lane; 2 & res, A Witcomb’s Oh So Dusty. RH sml1 & res, A Witcomb’s Millbridge Flashman; 2, J Foster’s Scotts Hall Mulberry; 3, V Parker’s Chardannee. lge1 & ch, A Witcomb’s Redline Fennel; 2,T Carey’s Class Act; 3, A Hiatt’s Uplands Royal Tiger. l’wt cob1 & res, S Comer’s Dickens II; 2, N Smith’s Riverbanks Bustle II; 3, O Sullivan’s Solomon IX. h’wt1 & ch, S Cooper’s Magee; 2, L Rose’s Maximus III. WH (D Machin)1, J Mason’s Master Matisse; 2, A Robert’s Charles Rose; 3, M Yates’s Its Rocco. nov1, J Freer’s Top Cat III; 2, S Mudford’s Norton McGonigle; 3, T Bullock’s Diamonds of Greschur ch, RP (P Ash): LR. 1 & ch, S Horne’s Moreton Mill Joella; 2, A Prince’s Dinsdale Sweet Harmony; 3, T Holmes’s Mybellas Sweet Cinnamon. FR1 & res, C Preece’s Veejays Chatterbox; 2, J Morris’s Glengiarth Magic Moments; 3, Masserella & Brown’s Rillaton Right Royal. nov 1, L Minchin’s Valentine Minuet; 2, Brunt & Brown’s Star Jewel II. int1, V Burgess’s Elgon Albany; 2, L Minchin’s Courtland Blue Peter; 3, C Bearder’s Longriver Balck Orchid. 128cm1, J Dawson’s Tircoppi Carrie; 2, Star Jewel II. 138cm1 & ch, L Minchin’s Eskside Sapphire; 2, C Murray’s Devine Lyric; 3, J Clark’s Stanley Grange Morello. 148cm1 & res, J Dawson’s Dark Secret; 2, J Stone’s Chesswood Mocking Bird; 3, Longriver Black Orchid. local rider (J Jones): 8 & under 1 & ch, K Tomlinson’s Chetwynd Carin; 2, I Coe’s Bradney Rhion; 3, K Kniveton’s Castellau Snowbunting. 9-141, C Mansfield’s Jobanker Marshmallow; 2, A Peach’s Ernsford Chanson; 3, H Allin’s Munchin. 15 & over1 & res, J Fazakerley’s Wednesday; 2, EMather’s Blangywen Peggy Sue; 3, H Morley’s Delfach Highwayman. WHP (B Rich): int1, H Cutler’s Odessa. 153cm1, J Green’s Highland Harry; 2, J Teare’s Chinook Lucerne; 3, E Garner’s Chester Blue. 143cm1 & ch, S Taylor’s Oscar Charles; 2, A Lafferty’s Henry IV; 3, S Lander’s Wolferlow Montana. over 133cm1 & res, J Teare’s Defaelog Rhiannon; 2, K Tarlton’s Downsend Poppit; 3, S Nicklin’s Lanson. nursery1, S Nicklin’s Ponsbourne Pirate; 2, B Barr’s Edentree Countryman; 3, A Leech’s William. cradle1 & ch, B Barr’s Stambrook Firefighter; 2 & res, K Barker’s Cracker Barrel; 3, S Nicklin’s Netherfield Neopolitan. side-saddle (D Reynard-Holt): adult1 & ch, C Lambert’s Orient Magic; 2, J Topp’s Royal Jazz; 3, E Jones’s Harry the Spider. jun1, H Church’s Bankswood Paprika; 2, R Taylor’s Ashby Midnight Star; 3, E Garner’s Fuego Fallow. best horse/pony1, Orient Magic; 2, Bankswood Paprika; 3, C Wofford’s Atlantic Traveller. concours d’elegance1 & res, S Mutch-Thorpe’s Joyland Dark Gem; 2, Atlantic Traveller; 3, Orient Magic. RC1, Bankswood Paprika; 2, Ashby Midnight Star; 3, Joyland Dark Gem. SHP (J Lewis): int1, P St John-Heather’s Seasons Greetings; 2, SHarris’s Matisse; 3, P Chantler’s Red Admiral II. nov1, C Murray’s Starting General; 2, L Mitchell’s Holtess Fairy Nuff; 3, K Barker’s Irish Mist II. LR1, W Greenshill’s Ridings Drum Major; 2, H Barton’s Mountain Gwennol; 3, B Barr’s Fayre Calypso. FR1 & ch, A Prince’s Billy Whizz II; 2 & res, J Beatty’s Leaminton Cliquot; 3, D Wilde’s Courmille Minstel. 153cm1, Seasons Greetings; 2, M Ludlow’s Miss Monro; 3, V Burgess’s Elgon Albanny. 143cm1, J Cook’s Clavering Baritone; 2, J Dawson’s Dark Secret II; 3, S Danby’s Killykeen Kate. 133cm 1 & ch, C Davies’s Stambrook Pivotol; 2, K Franklin’s Cnapton Pickwick; 3, P Collier’s Warleigh Hot Gossip. 122cm1 & res, Netherfield Neopolitan; 2, J Dawson’s Tircoppi Carrie; 3, Bronheulog Charmer. ridden M&M (A McHale): sml1 & res, S Love’s Fairmarsh Maraboll; 2, J Dawson-Pine’s Dinsdale Country Celebration; 3, A Beard’s Roseisle Holy Joe. Welsh1, Pritchard & Goulding’s Irie ReggaeSunsplash; 2, C Preece’s Smoketree Caesar; 3, A Lafferty’s Blaengwen Sparrowhawk. lge1 & ch, M Lane’s Estrella of Somercotes; 2, A Ward’s Carroroe Pride; 3, F Cork’s Cwmhafod Gwenogwen. LR1 & res, H Huddon’s Escley Top Flight; 2, C Fuller’s Eugrad DLWS; 3, P Rushton’s Whiteover Rival. FR1 & ch, C Phillip’s Wilcrick Bobby Dazzler; 2, Smoketree Ceasar; 3, C Fuller’s Shakelbridge Street Warrior. LR 1, Escley Top Flight; 2, Eugrad DLWS; 3, P Rushton’s Shilstone Rocks Country Squire. FR1 & ch, Shaklebridge Street Warrior; 2, Wilcrick Bobby Dazzler; 3, Roseisle Holy Joe. M&M WHP (J Lewis): over 138cm1 & ch, S Love’s Aille Another Ride; 2, A Even’s Derwin Turpin; 3, F Cork’s Nebo Gerallt. 138cm1& res, S Woolland’s Merwyad Madoc; 3, N Hutsby’s Gerdinen Pollyanna. 128cm1, P Collier’s Trewithian Bequine; 2, C Horsley’s Bradmore Claudia. M&M in-hand (J Webb): sml1 & ch, A Woodward’s Dunkery Chiffchaff; 2, A Stone’s Chiltern Blessing; 3, A & S Ward’s Nashend Sea Coral. lge1 & res, J Crane’s Rackwood Robin. sec A (G Mitchell): stallion1 & res, J Stamp’s Twyford Centuary; 2, J Shaw’s Legerview Lucky Star; 3, J Crane’s Nantdywll. y’ling1, S Varley’s Tyfry Cario Bach; 2, K James’s Tallares Golden Sovereign; 3, G Hartley’s Waitwith Choice. 2/3-y-o1, I Stansfield’s Bronycoed Honey; 2, G Oldroyd’s Tame Valley Paris; 3, K Phillip’s Kimcote Bluebell. b’mare1 & ch, C Fuller’s Dardale Aieda;2, S Day’s Briolen Pollyanna; 3, J Goodhead’s Friars Megan. sec B stallion1, Kersey family’s Eyarth Hansel; 2, E Fletcher’s Cadlan Valley Pickwick. y’ling1 & res, P Holmes’s Holyoake Titania; 2, Roberts&Tagget’s Locksbit Whispering Valentine; 3, A Eley’s Holyoake Belladonna. 2/3-y-o1 & ch, M Fielding’s Offcote Princess Leah; 2, Kersey family’s Staok Vixen; 3, A Mahon’s Laithill Honeysuckle. b’mare1, P Hing’s Clarwill New Moon; 2, M Bryan’s Caedlam Valley Orchid. sec C stallion1, S Varley’s Betws Rhamant; 2, N Oldershaw’s Betws Enfys. y’ling1, Rodley Welsh Ponies’s Golden Jubilee; 2, C Costello’s Popsters Raquel. 2/3-y-o1, J Allen’s Thistledown Sabrina; 2, J Stamps’s Parc Cadno. b’mare1 & sup M&M, Fletcher & Stein’s Maenan CJ; 2, C Costello’s Synod Rosie O’Connor. sec D stallion1, J Stamp’s Pantleinau Daniel. y’ling1, D Murden’s Rhyfel Georgina; 2, Haniel Stud’s Haniel Hades. 2/3-y-o1 & ch, I Hardy’s Wishaw Rosina; 2 & res, J Denney’s Ashow Del Du; 3, E Meakin’s Rhystyd Llwynog. Shetland (P Tindale): mare1 &res sup M&M, M Arden’s Claylands Crystal; 2, L Wheatley’s Maygowan of Hardenley; 3, R Brighton’s Amazon of Drakelaw. y’ling1, M Arden’s Claylands Emily. 2/3-y-o1, L Gregory’s Bewards Penny; 2, L Wheatley’s Roxanna of Quimper; 3, J Needham’s Hose Everard. stallion1 & res, B Joyner’s Birchmoor Mulberry; 2, L Gregory’s Champlers Rosemarc; 3, J Needham’s Mardlebrook Brandysnap. coloured1, Birchmoor Mulbery; 2, Claylands Emily; 3, B Twining’s Pinglewood Puzzle. mini1, D Wright’s Top Rock Shellie; 2, B Twining’s Coumine Special K; 3, Mardlebrook Brandysnap. RP breeding (M Jones): b’mare1, Kersey family’s Kynnersley Purple Lace; 2, C Constable’s Bracon Titania. y’ling1, R Hulbert’s Brookwater Candytuft; 2, P Nott’s Chasecroft Double Delight; 3, H Barton’s West Leake Jubilation. 2/3-y-o1 & res sup in-hand, P Nott’s Chasecroft Tiger Tot; 2, F Lockier’s Fidiacoco Noir; 3, P Mather’s Pickmere Jedi. SHP breeding: y’ling1, Kersey family’s Littlebriars April Louise. 2/3-y-o1 & ch, H Barton’s Westleake Palyboy; 2, A Mahan’s Isley Walton Turquise; 3, Kersey family’s Littlebriars Told You So. Arab (J Alexander): pure-bred 4 & over1, T Child’s Samari; 2, G Woolley’s Magneeto; 3, B Powell’s Rizzamal. Anglo/pb mare1, K Jarman’s Strinesdale Scenario; 2, L Pugh’s Colebridge Stargold; 3, J Hall’s Rowanberry Mini Star. pure 3 & under1 & sup in-hand, C Feeney’s Elysium; 2, M Clinton’s Rimella Gold; 3, D Edwards’s Yallas. Anglo/PB1 & res, J Evan’s Evansdale HRH; 2, Pickmere Jedi. pure-bred ridden (A Mitchell)1, C Edwards’s Nasramul; 2, A Southworth’s Sheikh el Badhas; 3, J Perry’s Phoenix Samurai. Anglo/pb1 & ch, A Witcomb’s Millbridge Flashman; 2 & res, L Minchin’s Eskside Sapphire; 3, J Foster’s Scotts Hall Mulberry. palomino (M Welbourne): colt/stallion1, J Shaw’s Legerview Lucky Star. mare/geld 4 & over1 & ch, L Pugh’s Colebridge Stargold; 2, M Stanton’s Bryngaer Cyntaf; 3, L Hassell’s Banshee Hocus Pocus. 3 & under 1 & res, Wilks & Johnson’s Caradan Minstrel. coloured in-hand (K Pole): native/cob1, S Lowe’s; 2, W Moore’s Blue Shadow II; 3, M Lyle’s Hercules. non-native1 & ch, A Hall’s El Nino; 2, J Hill’s El Cochise; 3, J Mason’s Jokers Wild. best colour1, S Lowe’s Cool Blue Prspect; 2, L Colquhoun’s Marginata; 3, El Nino. ridden1, El Nino; 2 & res, Billy Whizz II; 3, C Francis’s Stormy Sky. private driving (C Tegue): over 13.2hh1, R Hutchinson’s Bishwell Pioneer; 2, L Fresson’s Jet. 13.2hh1, H Cox’s Hardy’s Dillon; 2, R Mill’s Oakvale Rowan; 3, S James’s Joshua. pleasure1, J Stubb’s Joshua; 2, A Stubb’s Crimmon Flash; 3, H Marsh’s Diesel. miniature horse (J Stacey): y’ling1 & res, J Robinson’s Scott Creek Monarch Mocha; 2, J Robinson’s NCF As if By Magic; 3, R Walker’s Aethete Venus. 2/3-y-o1, J Goudie’s Looking Glass Baby Rocco; 2, M Foulkes’s Conumdrum Tai Sea Nymph; 3, J Robinson’s Micados of Blackthorn. 4 & over1 & ch, J Robinson’s Dell Teras Dellas Joe Berry; 2, M Foulkes’s Looking Glass Fabuella; 3,J Robinson’s Cascades Magic Charm.