CHAPS showing championship results, 29-31 August

  • CHAPS CHAMPIONSHIPS Arena UK, Grantham, Lincs, 29-31 August
    Romarnic Stud dressage (Miss R Dugay, Mrs J Corrigan) unplaited prelim 13.— 1, R Ward’s Torrisdale Queen; 2, H Mann’s Summer IV; 3, M Anthony’s Candy Lass. plaited do.— 1, K S Myth’s Pferde Stud April Morn; 2, R Benson’s Jumaji; 2eq, R Rogers Beesley’s Country Lone Son & V Harvie’s Tara O’Hara. unplaited novice 28.— 1, M Cooper’s Liberty; 2, K Butler’s Paddy McGinty, S Ede’s Razzle Roisin. plaited do.— 1, L Stevenson’s Shadow Dancer; 2, Pferde Stud April Morn; 3, V Harvie’s Tara O’Hara. do elem 44.— 1, R Rogers Beesley’s Country Top Dollar; 2, A Crawford’s Colour Code; 3, K Raine’s Country Lone Ranger. unplaited do.— 1, Paddy McGinty; 2, G Moss’ Minstrel. combined training (B Thompson) unplaited.— 1, R Ward’s Torrisdale Queen; 2, K Harwood’s Little Miss Chatterbox. plaited.— 1, Country Top Dollar; 2, Country Lone Ranger; 3, K Hodgson’s Montana High Hopes. style & performance (D Chadwick, B Thompson) open nov.— 1, B Driver’s Popstar; 2, K Philipson’s Stanhopes Missile; 3, K Brogaard’s Weggs Little Shellay. plaited, pony.— 2, J Allen’s Noble Elton; 2, L Disley’s Texas Tom; 3, Popstar. unplaited.— 1, P Howarth’s Hulabaloo; 2, Little Miss Chatterbox; 3, R Ward’s Torrisdale Queen. final, 153cm.— 1, Hulabaloo; 2, Popstar; 3, M Champney’s Harry. exc 153cm.— 1, Shadow Dancer; 2, Country Lone Ranger; 3, L Taylor’s Thoroughly Modern Milly. sport horse (J Conifey) y’ling.— 1, R Skelton’s Co Pilot; 2, S James’ El Springo; 3, A Scott’s Son Jafee. pony.— 1, J Cutts’ Lostock Mary Poppins; 2, K Wilson’s Heiland Butterfly; 3, A Fearn’s Tarnbrook Tickled Pink. 2/3-y-o horse.— 1, M Simpson’s Badgers Quality Street; 2, K Smyth’s Pferde Stud Diamond White; 3, K Smyth’s Harlequince. pony.— 1, S Reynolds’ Hopgarden Hidalgo; 2, L Ibbotson’s Fay. 4-y-o & over.— 1 & ch, R Skelton’s Paradiese D; 2, J Hunton’s Ballygars Angel; 3, J Hinds’ Zotika G. pony.— 1, M Findlay’s Night Strike; 2, J Cutts’ Painted By Rubens; 3, J Hunton’s The Dutchess. final (J Conifey, C Owen) 4-y-o & over.— 1, Paradiese D; 2, V Brooks’ Millpond Look So Different; 3, K Tyrell’s Badgers Planet Moon. y’stk.— 1, Co Pilot; 2, A Scott’s So Pretty; 3, Badgers Quality Street. Disley Estates rest ridden finals (C Owen, T Barron) unplaited, 148cm.— 1, M Anthony’s Candy Lass; 2, K Turpin’s Carnaby Rose; 3, M Pickford’s Interest Free. 153cm.— 1, D Pullin’s Centyfor Cinnamonberry; 2, J Hunton’s Montana High Hopes; 3, C Hamilton’s Lostock Grace & Favour. plaited, 153cm.— 1, W Thorneycroft’s Louis Blue; 2, S Elphick’s Senator Sam; 3, K Phillipson’s Stanhopes Missile. unplaited, exc 148cm.— 1, J Mouat’s Gypsy Valentine; 2, E Green’s Apollo; 3, H Linfield’s Broken Arrow. CHAPS factor prelim (C Owen, T Barron).— Z Croft’s Think Pink; ch, Lostock Grace & Favour; res, K Turpin’s Snowberry Swan; H Crummack’s Herbie. Ferryhill Stud in-hand (E Kind) piebald 143cm.— 1, I Glendenning’s Minnie; 2, E Cutler’s Twilightrain; 3, B Smith’s Coalburns Mischievous. exc 143cm.— 1, M Findlay’s Night Strike; 2, S Poole’s Delaware Daydreamer; 3, S Barrett’s Rocky. skewbald 143cm.— 1, A Chester’s Cloud Nine; 2, T Eaton’s Peaches & Cream; 3, C Herrick’s Coalburns Gypsy King. exc 143cm.— 1, A Greenwood’s Micklewood Mojoe; 2, K Woodley Hinds’ Volatis Diva; 3, J Hunton’s Shellbrook Harley Rebel. loose jumping (J Conifey) unplaited.— 1, Minnie; 2, Paddy McGinty; 3, R Bennett’s Springhill Bally Temptation. plaited, 153cm.— 1 & res, B Summerfield’s Prince Charming; 2, H Jones’ Springclassic Sweet Sensation; 3, Fay. plaited, exc 153cm.— 1 & ch, C Patrick’s Lostock Back 2 Black; 2, J Disley’s El Nino Van Overis; 3, T Nelson’s Blinkbonny Prince Harry. b’mare (T Barron) unplaited.— 1, L Wright’s Holmesley Tinkerbelle; 2, R Lock’s Come What May; 3, Fay. foal futurity qual.— 1, T Eaton’s Rock Star; 2, R Lock’s Sherlocks Ten Sixty Six; 3, P Adshead’s Springhills Romany Bay. plaited, mare.— 1, D Foxcroft’s Daisy. foal.— 1, P Richmond’s Itsapachepony; 2, P Walster’s Bathleyhills Dream In Colour. mare, exc 153cm.— 1, L Wright’s Cullintra Star; 2, So Pretty; 3, G Needham’s Firefrost. foal.— 1, A Collins’ Dreamtime; 2, G Needham’s Highedge Captain Hornblower. mare grading.— ch, L Wright’s Holmesley Tinkerbell. y’stk evaluations, 1st premiums.— W Simpson’s Pennbretti Presence; Co-Pilot; P Kirby’s Monivea Bedazzled; S Wilson’s Heiland Butterfly; J Smith’s Tasker Golden Boy; P Gill’s Kearby Gemini Minx; G Chippendale’s Lammerside Mr Darcy; L Wright’s Moortown Frilly. Ferryhill ring of colour.— ch, D Brocklehurst’s Dolly Mixture; res, Night Strike. www.unitedcolouredstud sporthorse/pony.— ch, Paradiese D; res, Lostock Back 2 Black. R&M Plumbing sport horse/pony y’stk.— ch, Co-Pilot; res: Pferde Stud Diamond White. Pferde Stud style & perf.— ch, Shadow Dancer; res, Popstar. Heiland Gabrielle combined training.— ch, Torrisdale Queen; res, Country Top Dollar. Romarnic Stud dressage, prelim.— ch Torrisdale Queen; res, Pferde Stud April Morn. novice.— ch, Shadow Dancer; res, Liberty. open.— ch, Country Top Dollar; res, Paddy McGinty. CHAPS factor final.— 1, Lostock Grace & Favour; 2, Snowberry Swab; 3 Herbie III. foal futurity final.— 1, Dreamtime; 2, Rock Star; 3, Itsapachepony. Disley Estates rest (C Owen, T Barron)— ch, Candy Lass; 2, Louis Blue. Coloured Contacts jnr ridden sup pony, plaited 138cm.— 1, Weggs little Shellay; 2, K White’s Millpond Look Again; 3, Z Martella Nicoll’s Tidkin Tigerlily. unplaited.— 1, A Chester’s Cloud Nine; 2, S Lambert’s Thelnious; 3, M Champney’s Harry. exc 153cm.— 1, J Wormald’s Risingsun; 2, J Allen’s Noble Elton; 3, G Leaver’s Royal Jester. unplaited.— 1, A Neal’s Murphys Lore; 2, Torrisdale Queen; 3, M Davis’ Checkmate Teddy Boy. in-hand veteran (N Tipping), 15-y-o & over.— 1, S Askew’s Stanhopes Sol; 2, L Pickford’s Star Of Michleane; 3, P Rabin’s Wiseacre T P. hunter type.— 1, L Worrall’s Lostock Top Cat; 2, D Vaughan’s Grasshopper; 3, Stanhopes Sol. hack/riding horse.— 1, K Smyth’s C&T Special Print; 2, F Pitt’s Kavanaghs Kokopelli; 3, Paradiese D. pure/part-bred Arab.— 1, L Lee’s Carsnope Maverick; 2, L Shimwell’s Shybont X Rated; 3, A Girdwood’s Incandescent Flame. pony of hunter type, 138cm.— 1, A Finney’s Park Dene May Song; 2, C Reynolds’ Hopgarden Hidalgo; 3, B Summerfield’s Prince Charming. 153cm.— 1, A Harvey’s Brookfarm Mr Chips; 2, M Wright’s Ralfie; 3, M Anthony’s Painted Running Bear. SRT.— 1, V Timperley’s Up To D; 2, R Slinn’s Jenny’s Jigsaw; 3, J Hunton’s Shellbrook Harvey Rebel. colour/markings (L Hutley) unplaited exc 148cm.— 1, P Richmond’s Dees Highwayman; 2, Mickelwood Mojoe; 3, A Emmerson’s Phang Nga Bay. plaited, exc 153cm.— 1 J Wod’s Wainstones Fresco Lady; 2, D Ioannou’s Simply Figaro. unplaited, 148cm.— 1, Dolly Mixture; 2, L Moulton’s Austby Mathilda; 3, J Borthwick’s Coalburns Gypsy Queen. plaited, 153cm.— 1, C Taylor’s Taking The Biscuit; 2, Snowberry Swan; 3eq, F Beni’s Geisha De Givry & D Levey’s Toplines Diamond Delight. young handler, 11-18yr.— 1, Z Nioll’s Tidkin Tigerlily; 2, J Borthwick’s Coalburns Gypsy Queen; 3, J Wormald’s Mr Fudge. under 11yr.— 1, C Martin’s Think Pink; 2, J Borthwick’s Little Miss Ellie; 3, G Richardson’s Prince Charming. sport pony (C Owen) 153cm.— 1, Tara O’Hara; 2, Painted By Rubens; 3, Jenny’s Jigsaw. sport horse/warmblood exc 153cm.— 1, Paradiese D; 2, J Hunton’s Ballygars Angel; 3, K Tyrell’s Badgers Planet Moon. pot perf horse y’ling.— 1, D Powell’s Pentygyfiela Celtic Prince; 2, Co Pilot; 3, K Woolley Hinds’ Volatis Diva. 2/3-y-o.— 1, So Pretty; 2, A Hunter’s Rogue Trader; 3, B Simpson’s Santana E. Hopgarden Stud breeders’ challenge (V Goldsborough, C Frost) y’ling.— 1, J Purcell-White’s Abbotswood Gorgie Boy; 2, S Wilson’s Heiland Butterfly; 3, A Levey’s Toplines Midnight Star. 2/3-y-o.— 1, Blinkbonny Prince Harry; 2, S Brimelow’s Ferryhill Roccabyhulla; 3, Peaches & Cream. 4-y-o & over.— 1, S Harvey’s Brook Farm Mr Chips; 2, M McGahan’s Lostock Top Cat; 3, H Mann’s Indian Summer. Henshaws Waste Management y’stk finals (A Green, T Barron) plaited, y’ling.— 1, J Cutts’ Lostock Mary Poppins; 2, Heiland Butterfly; 3, C Schofield’s Treveglos Royal Blue. 2-y-o, 153cm.— 1, E Carpenter’s Chiddock Sky Light; 2, M Metcalfe’s Millpond Looks The Business; 3, P Harvey’s Aldensfarm Touch Of Blue. 2-y-o, exc 153cm.— 1, Rogue Trader; 2, N Borman’s Kavanaghs Geisha Girl; 3, W Simpson’s Pennbretti Presence. 3-y-o, 153cm.— 1, Hopgarden Hidalgo; 2, C Scrimgoeur’s LWS Dexters Daisy; 3, C Ficer’s Dowhills Snow Patrol. do, exc 153cm.— 1, So Pretty; 2, K Smyth’s Harlequince; 3, C & T Special Print. unplaited, y’ling.— 1, Abbotswood Gorgie Boy; 2, J Bardwell’s Chieftain Cherokee; 3, E Grange’s Kearby Gemini Minx. 2-y-o, 148cm.— 1, G Chippendale’s Lammerside Mr Darcy; 2, Moortown Frilly; 3, T Eaton’s Danny Dazzler. do, exc 148cm.— 1, N Nash’s Hayfield Trooping The Colour. 3-y-o, 148cm.— 1, T Veale’s Shantaine Sophie; 2, Peaches & Cream; 3, J Borthwick’s Coalburns Gypsy Queen. do, exc 148cm.— 1, K Farmer’s Jack The Lad; 2, Dees Highwayman. plaited (D McHale), y’ling.— 1, Pantygyfiela Celtic Prince; 2, El Springo; 3, A Scott’s Son Jafee. 2-y-o.— 1, Rogue Trader; 2, G Hickford’s Miss Jones; 3, K Wilson’s Heiland Tululahtoo. 3-y-o.— 1, Harlequince; 2, Badgers Quality Street; 3, S Brimelow’s Ferryhill Roccabyhulla. plaited, y’ling.— 1, Lostock Mary Poppins; 2, Heiland Butterfly; 3, Park Dene May Song. 2-y-o.— 1, P Harvey’s Aldensfarm Touch Of Blue; 2, G Martin’s Merrigans Class Act; 3, Chiddock Sky Light. 3-y-o.— 1, LWS Dexters Daisy; 2, C Ficer’s Dawhills Snow Patrol; 3, J Hunton’s Shellbrook Harley Rebel. barren pony mare.— 1, Up To D; 2, T Veal’s Shantaine Sophie; 3, Minnie. gelding.— 1, F Glendenning’s William; 2, A Long’s Apache; 3, E Lovell’s Windwillow Mischief. graded stallion.— 1, K Tyrell’s Badgers Planet Moon; 2, A Girdwood’s Incandescent Flame; 3, A Burks’ Bashfull Bobby Dazzler. horse, geld.— 1, H Linfield’s Broken Arrow; 2, Ferryhill Roccabyhulla; 3, C Ibbotson’s Show Off. barren mare.— 1, Stanhopes Sol; 2, J Hinds’ Zotika G; 3, Paradiese D. in-hand, unplaited (P Boustead) y’ling.— 1, Abbotswood Gorgie Boy; 2, K Carrick’s Kimico Kenny Rogers; 3, J Bardwell’s Chieftain Cherokee. 2-y-o.— 1, J Smith’s Tasker Golden Boy; 2, Lammerside Mr Darcy; 3, P Gale’s Mr B. 3-y-o.— 1, Shantaine Sophie; 2, Peaches & Cream; 3, Dees Highwayman. Shetland.— 1, K Hutchings’ Butterby Express; 2, R Steward’s Windwillow Zebedee; 3, E Lovell’s Windwillow Mischief. trad/cob type 148cm.— 1, Abbotswood Gorgie Boy; 2, G Chippendale’s The Duchess Of Monivae; 3, Kimico Kenny Rogers. do, 143-148cm.— 1, Apache; 2, S Reid’s Woody; 3, K McNeil’s Rock TJ. native type, 148cm.— 1, Butterby Express; 2, William; 3, H Mann’s Indian Summer. show cob.— 1, L Molyneux’s Lord Kilkenny; 2, S Carpenter’s Pussy Galore; 3, C Vaughan’s Moriarty. cob type/trad, 148-153cm.— 1, Apollo; 2, Broken Arrow; 3, A Greenwood’s Mickelwood Mojoe. cob type/vanner, exc 153cm.— 1, Hayfield Trooping The Colour; 2, R Fearnley’s Pinball Wizard; 3, S Poole’s Delaware Dreamer. nat type, exc 148cm.— 1, R Swift’s Elija; 2, Mickelwood Mojoe; 3, L Wright’s Holmesley Tinkerbelle. Disley Estates jnr ch.— Coalburns Mischievous; res, Tidkin Tigerlily. Drumacre Hall y’stk, unplaited.— ch, Jack The Lad; res, Hayfield Trooping The Colour. plaited.— ch, Rogue Trader; res, Co Pilot. ridden finals LR.— 1, P Swann’s Pontardawe Lulubell; 2, P Airey’s Miss Smarty Pants; 3, Prince Charming. Pickford FR.— 1, Weggs little Shellay; 2, Billy Whizz; 3, M Disley’s Little Tinker. Bourneside Stud mini ridden pony of the year.— Billy Whizz; 2, Weggs Little Shellay. Alliance Consultancy plaited 138cm.— 1, H Windsor Phillips’ Millpond Look At Me; 2, K White’s Millpond Look Again; 3, L Frank’s Brookfarm Heaven Scent. Neil 148cm.— 1, Lostock Grace & Favour; 2, Jennys Jigsaw; 3, Pessall Hestia. Wayne Thorneycroft 153cm.— 1, Up To D; 2, E Griffith’s Spirit Of Idaho; 3, J Nuttall’s Risingsun. Wormald unplaited 143cm.— 1, S Bolton’s The Freak; 2, Candy Lass; 3, Hulabaloo. Dickinson nat type 148cm.— 1, T Kelly’s He’s The One; 2, M Pickford’s Interest Free; 3, Murphys Lore. Commanche Ace trad/cob 148cm.— 1, S Ede’s Razzle Roisin; 2, R Morton’s Jack; 3eq, P Anyon’s Master Willaby & M Davies’ Eye Spy. Clarendon Coloureds ridden pony of the year.— Up To D; res, The Freak. Griffiths Whipp plaited lwt horse.— 1, Louis Blue; 2, H Patterson’s Shybont Bean Dance; 3, Lostock Back 2 Black. Interlith (Derby) Ltd mwt/hwt.— 1, S Challenor’s Artic Nicoin; 2, R Slinn’s Eurocentres Cleo; 3, Stanhopes Missile. Springhill Stud lge unplaited.— 1, J Robert’s Harlequin Henry; 2, Herbie; 3, Elija. Team Hollings cob.— 1, J McTiffin’s Mr Morrow; 2, Lord Kilkenny; 3, A Collins’ Goodwill. Clarendon Coloureds ridden horse of the year.— ch, Louis Blue; res, Mr Morrow. Cartgate Diner jnr bursary.— Gemma Moss. performance elite graded presentation— Country Lone Ranger. Hopgarden Stud breeders’ challenge.— ch, Blink Bonny Prince Harry; res, Heiland Butterfly. Coloured Contacts jnr sup ridden pony.— Risingsun; res, Weggs Little Shellay. Travellers Fortune y’stk.— So Pretty; res, Shantaine Sophie. Penstock Ponies plaited in-hand pony.— Brookfarm Mr Chips; res, Park Dene May Song. McNeil unplaited do.— Butterby Express; res, Abbotswood Gorgie Boy. Taurom Coloureds plaited in-hand horse.— Badgers Planet Moon; res, Incandescent Flame. Moortown Stud unplaited do.— Elija; res, Apollo. R&M Plumbing Services sports & pot perf.— So Pretty; res, Paradiese D. Tarnbrook Team Pink sup in-hand.— So Pretty: res, Elija. HOYS ridden (D Atkinson, L Bigley) unplaited, 138cm.— 1, Cloud Nine; 2, C Gillett’s Miss Dynamite; 3, M Payne’s Bashful Bobby Dazzler. plaited, 138cm.— 1, Millpond Look So Different; 2, S Hopkins’ Millpond Look At Me; 3, Weggs Little Shellay. plaited 153cm.— 1, E Grifith’s Spirit Of Idaho; 2, M Wright’s Ralfie; 3, C Wright’s Maisie Blu. exc 153cm.— 1, S Towers’ Tidkin Real McCoy; 2, V Smith’s Nibley Bertie Bassett; 3, T Wightman’s Tobiano Warrior. unplaited exc 148cm.— 1, R Walker’s Rock On Robbie; 2, M Hitchen’s Painted Doll; 3, S Lambert’s Barney Rubble. 148cm.— 1, Eye Spy; 2, L Birtwell’s Gitano Sincero Caballero; 3, S Ambler’s Bailey. side-saddle (D Atkinson).— 1, F Scott’s Vancouver Skye; 2, Ralfie; 3, S Elliott’s Littlelord Monivea. open perf (C Frost) 138cm.— 1, Weggs Little Shellay; 2, M Wood’s Snaafi Bright Spark; 3, Little Miss Chatterbox. 153cm.— 1, L Metcalfe’s Hollyland Planet; 2, A Neal’s Carrsgate Sanechice. exc 153cm.— 1, Country Top Dollar; 2, H Stevenson’s Shadow Dancer; 3, Zotika. LR/FR.— 1, Pantardawe Lulubell; 2, Prince Charming; 3, Think Pink. open equitation (V Goldsborough).— 1, Z Nicoll’s Tidkin Tigerlily; 2, Mickelwood Mojoe; 3, Harry. RC horse/pony.— 1, Harry; 2, R Benson’s Jumanji; 3, Dees Highwayman. CHAPS factor qual.— 1, Maisie Blu; 2, S Turner’s Cuffstown Rumble; 3, Jumanji. jnr ridden qual 138cm.— 1, Weggs Little Shellay. 153cm.— 1, Springhills Bally Temptation, L Caul. green ridden unplaited (N Fuller) exc 148cm.— 1, Apollo; 2, Gypsy Valentine; 3, S Barrrett’s Rocky. plaited.— 1, Shybont Bean Dance; 2, H Smith’s Molly’s Puzzle; 3, K Raine’s Country Lone Son. cob/vanner/trad, exc 148cm.— 1, M Gray’s Cracker; 2, Torrisdale Queen; 3, Gypsy Valentine. show cob.— 1, Lord Kilkenny; 2, C Excell’s Checkmate; 3, L Edgar’s Tapestry. riding horse/hack.— 1, Ballygars Angel; 2, Country Top Dollar; 3, Kavanaghs Kokopelli. small hunter.— 1, S Lanz’s Spot The Fox; 2, Lostock Back 2 black; 3, S Wheeler’s Energy. lge hunter.— 1, Stanhopes Missile; 2, Country Lone Ranger; 3, L Worrall’s Lostock Top Cat. ridden warmblood.— 1, Eurocentres Cleo; 2, S Parrott’s Winchester D; 3, Country Lone Ranger. Arab/American breeds.— 1, Kavanagh’s Kokopelli; 2, Metcalfe’s Hollyland Planet. veteran (M Fuller).— 1, Austby Mathilda; 2, H Locke’s The Pickpocket; 3, R Roden’s Checkpoint Charlie. green native pony.— 1, B Bowers’ Checkmate Teddy Boy; 2, Springhills Bally Temptation; 3, Interest Free. trad/cob.— 1, L Yardley’s Captain Pugwash; 2, The Duchess Of Monivea; 3, S Donald’s Lawrences Cookies And Cream. nat type pony.— 1, H Mann’s Indian Summer; 2, Mr Fudge. trad/cob 148cm.— 1, C Newall’s Humbug; 2, Billy Whizz; 3, H Lightdown’s Not A Patch On Me. LR.— 1, Monivea Magic Rainbow; 2, Billy Whizz; 3, Pontardawe Lulubell. FR.— 1, Monivea Magic Rainbow; 2, Billy Whizz; 3, B Raynor’s Llanfanfawr Brandy Snap. family pony.— 1, Paddy McGinty; 2, Little Miss Chatterbox; 3, Prince Charming. green plaited pony.— 1, L Elliott’s Shanti; 2, Millpond Look So Different; 3, Newsom’s Tidkin Royal Mannequin. SRT.— 1, Winchester D; 2, Lostock Grace & Favour; 3, Tidkin Royal Mannequin. PHT.— 1, E Shepherd’s Murphys; 2, Risingsun; 3, Shanti. miniature (C Lutring).— 1, C Payne’s Tiny Tom Of Mallards; 2, Windwillow Zebedee; 3, J Carpenter’s Ujenik Bantam Showers Of Gold. y’stk.— 1, N Yates’ Scott Creek My Key To Fashion; 2, Ujenik Bantom Showers of Gold; 3, Windwillow Zebedee. 4-y-o & over.— 1, Tiny Tom Of Mallards. American breeds/paints.— 1, L Herd’s Even Worse; 2, T Morris’ C A Bomb Bey; 3, L Colquhan Schofield’s Clearview Marginalia. national show horse.— 1, C A Bomb Bey. saddlebred.— 1, Even Worse; 2, C A Bomb Bey; 3, Clearview Marginalia. Pessall Hestia in-hand finals (B Thompson, V Goldsborough) plaited, 138cm.— 1, Hopgarden Hidalgo; 2, M Metcalfe’s Millpond Looks The Business; 3, Merrigans Class Act. native, 153cm.— 1, Brookfarm Mr Chips; 2, LWS Dexters Daisy; 3, Risingsun. plaited, lwt exc 153cm.— 1, Stanhopes Sol; 2, V Smith’s Topgun Cheyanne; 3, T Bennington’s Palamo Picasso. mwt/hwt.— 1, Lostock Top Cat; 2, J Cameron’s Towercos Pablo Picasso; 3, K Aikenwood’s Chimaeron Chance. native sml.— 1, Butterby Express; 2, William; 3, J Borthwick’s Little Miss Ellie. 138-148cm.— 1, Dolly Mixture; 2, Interest Free; 3, C Herrick’s Coulburns Mischievous. trad 153cm.— 1, Abbotswood Gorgie Boy; 2, Bashful Bobby Dazzler; 3, C Mouat’s Molly Magpie. 143-148cm.— 1, Apache; 2, Woody; 3, Captain Pugwash. show cob.— 1, Lord Kilkenny; 2, D Rutherford’s Colourtronic. Robert Cooper vet final (G Edgar, P Boustead).— 1, Stanhopes Sol; 2, Wiseacre TP; 3, Austby Mathilda. Kings sup mini.— 1, Tiny Tom Of Mallards; 2, Scott Creek My Key To Fashion; 3, Windwillow Mischief. American breeds ch.— Even Worse; res, C A Bomb Bey. sup in-hand, pony.— Abbotswood Gorgie Boy; res, Brookfarm Mr Chips. horse.— Hidden Secret; res, Stanhopes Sol. www.topclassponies.co.uk mini ridden.— Monivea Magic Rainbow; res, Billy Whizz. Nuttal plaited ridden pony.— Murphy; res, Winchester D. Pumphouse Livery ridden horse.— Eurocentres Cleo; res, Shybont Bean Dance. Tina & Shirley Moro unplaited ridden pony.— Captain Pugwash; res, Billy Whizz. Springhill Stud horse.— Lord Kilkenny; res, Apollo. EquiNational Photography ridden perf.— Country Top Dollar; res, Weggs Little Shellay. Disley Estates sup ridden.— Lord Kilkenny; res, Eurocentres Cleo.

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