BSPS SCOTTISH, Strathallan, 8 June
HOYS SP (Mrs R Young)148cm.— 1 & ch, S Hinchliffe’s Roseberry Highland Fling; 2, L Anderson’s Huttons Ambo Calypso; 3, M Hadden’s Strinesdale Distinction. 138cm.— 1, M Nicoll’s Willowhill Forget Me Not; 2, M A Mackay’s Rotherwood Peeptoes; 3, L Burnip’s Eskside Sapphire. 128cm.— 1 & res, J McCluskey’s Bracon Toytown; 2, L Jackson’s Pendley Gold Dust; 3, Lady Benton-Jones’ Daldorn Whistle Blower. HOYS SHP (Miss P Aitken) 122cm.— 1 & res, V Rudd’s Rillaton Trade Fair; 2, D Burnip’s Wingland Make Believe. 133cm.— 1, D Burnip’s Antoinettes Catamount; 2, K Slight’s Mount Pleasant Stardust; 3, L Matthews’ Springwind Pro Set. 143cm.— 1 & ch, J Templeton Show Team’s Thimbley Final Edition; 2, S Crane’s Octon Romance; 3, E Butterworth’s Tynycae Fieldfare. 153cm.— 1, K Bott’s Cool Justice; 2, P Brookshaw’s Small-land Smokescreen; 3, L Lorimer’s Seatshill Little Rogue. HOYS int SHT (D Hibbers) 158cm.— 1 & ch, Y Kobbe’s Double Dutch III; 2, Cooper Corporation’s Imperial Measure; 3, J Cochrane’s Sir William John. open int.— 1, Double Dutch III; 2, J Gill’s Jewel Of The Night. Scottish show hunter.— 1, A Brewster’s Diptford Sea Eagle; 2, A Brewster’s Scorlton Cornerstone. Scottish SP ch.— 1, G McNinch’s The Tempest; 2, C Bankier’s Cosford Perilla. HOYS sml hunter (Mrs A Atkinson).— 1 & res, M Nicholson’s Belero-Green Field; 2, J Cochrane’s Sir William John; 3, F Everall’s Hogarth II. HOYS hunter (Miss S Leatherbarrow) lwt.— 1, I Susca’s Swansea Gale; 2, L Kelbie’s Kilkea King; 3, A & G McCowan’s Fusilier. mwt.— 1 & ch, H Rodgers’ District Court; 2, S Slater’s Enigma IX; 3, G Morris’s Initial Intent. hwt.— 1, I Susca’s The Fieldmaster II; 2, J Bell’s Ballyhoo Sean; 3, G Morris’ Spot On Eddie. BSPS assoc RH (Mrs R Haddow).— 1, E de Vries’s Constellation; 2, L Dolan’s Landrick; 3, L Jarvis’s Angelina Ballerina. Scottish hunter (Mrs R Haddow).— 1 & ch, A Brewster’s Orchids Twice As Nice; 2, V Campbell’s Righ Oliver; 3, F Menzies’ Vincent. Anglo/part-bred Arab 148cm.— 1 & ch, M Hadden’s Strinesdale Distinction; 2 & res, M Nicoll’s Willowhill Forget Me Not. exc 148cm.— 1, P Simpson’s Pickmere Galactica. coloured (Mrs M Sivewright) non-native open ridden.— 1, B Laing’s Lady VIII; 2 & ch, D Myerscough’s Indian Squaw; 3, E Boardman’s Hanny. native/cob/trad.— 1 & res, S Moro’s Jack Daniels II. BSPS Heritage M&M ridden (Mrs C McArdle) sml.— 1 & ch, S Rawsthorn’s Phi; 2, L Mulholland’s Beinnliath Hartshorn Pike; 3, Transy Stud’s Ajax of Transy. sec B/C.— 1, K Roddy’s Windle Dark Star; 2, K Miller’s Brimstone Cadog; 3, F Maitland’s Stockham Goldfinger. New Forest, Connemara.— 1, Mr & Mrs D MacTaggart’s Rudgeway Silver Rebel; 2, A Henderson’s Castlestrange JoJo. fell, dales, Highland.— 1 & res, C Valentine’s Thorn Xsara; 2, Z Hyslop’s Meikle Mr Daryl; 3, N Watson’s Ristol Cuchulainn. BSPS Heritage M&M (Mrs C McArdle) LR.— 1 & ch, K Stewart’s Thistledown Popcorn; 2 & res, C Cohen’s Maestir Versace; 3, Transy Stud’s Rosebestman of Transy. FR.— 1, P Simpson’s Pepperwell McVitie; 2, L Tinson’s Bunbury Czar; 3, P Page’s Morwyn Lady Verity. HOYS int SRT (D Hibberd) 153cm.— 1, L Cross’s Faranella Valencia; 2, A Millen’s Whalton High Flyer; 3, R Helliwell’s Tremart Mister Mole. 158cm.— 1, Jewel Of The Night; 2, The Tempest; 3, R Helliwell’s Holtess Moschino. tiny tots (D Hibberd) FR.— 1, C Dickens’ Haighend Miss Georgette; 2, L Hood’s Blaenpentre April Dancer; 3, L Bainbridge-Craig’s Copperhalt Star Comedy. RIHS Pretty Polly LR.— 1 & ch, L Bainbridge’s Hightopps Enchantment. FR.— 1 & res, L Hood’s Blaenpentre April Dancer; 2, C Dickens’ Haighend Miss Georgette. SP 148cm.— 1, M Nicoll’s Willowhill Forget Me Not; 2, P Murray’s Castanya Moonlite; 3, L Baker’s Whalton Pipsqueak. SHP 133cm.— 1, L Tinson’s Lord of the Manor III; 2, S Gemmell’s Walbro Champagne Cracker; 3, A Dougan’s Vanilla Sky. 153cm.— 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs A Brewster’s Diptford Sea Eagle; 2 & res, Mr & Mrs A Brewster’s Scorlton Cornerstone; 3, D McRonald’s Abervale Sprocket. BSPS mini hunter ponies (Miss P Aitken) open LR of SHT.— 1, A Cooper’s Idle Fancy; 2, Blaenpentre April Dancer; 3, L Jarvis’s Rhydyfelin Sws Anna. FR.— 1 & ch, C Bankier’s Bronheulog Charmer; 2 & res, K Scott’s Bryndefaid Pingu; 3, F Longley’s Viewmount Champagne. nov SHP (Mrs C Nelson) 153cm.— 1, A Adams’ The Done Thing; 2, H Frielick’s Royal Cappuccino; 3, M Nicoll’s Riversdale Poker. 143cm.— 1, Mr & Mrs D Robertson’s Romanno Royal Secret; 2, M Crichton’s Yealand Perhaps; 3, L Crane’s Yealand Motif. 133cm.— 1, S Weir’s Alacrity; 2, Mr & Mrs D Robertson’s Courtway Amadeus; 3, T Rudd’s Tick A Tape. nov int SHT.— 1 & ch, I Kobbe’s Jemoon Starcatcher; 2, K Ahern’s VIP II; 3, H Frielick’s Ciara II. mini (Mrs C Nelson) LR.— 1, L & M Govan’s Pendley Encore; 2, Hightopps Enchantment. FR.— 1 & ch, C Bankier’s Cosford Perilla; 2 & res, Haighend Miss Georgette; 3, N Page’s Morwyn Bronze Rose. nov SP (Mrs R Young) 128cm.— 1 & res, Mr & Mrs D Robertson’s Courtway Amadeus. 148cm.— 1 & ch, P Murray’s Castanya Moonlite; 2, Mr & Mrs D Robertson’s Romanno Royal Secret; 3, J Gill’s Kiss N Tell. nov int SRT.— 1 & res, E De Vries’s Stella Stargazer. pony pair (Mrs R Young).— 1, L Tinson’s Bunbury Czar & F Longley’s Viewmount Champagne; 2, Lord Of The Manor & E Jamieson’s Skellorn Imperial Consort; 3, E Dougan’s Vanilla Sky & M Miller’s Gwyrdparc Moonlight. HOYS open WHP (Mrs D Guildford, Mrs G Kyle) 133cm.— 1, J McNee’s Brynsaeth Samson; 2, C Rodgers’ Parkfield Freddie; 3, K Harley’s Kiltinane Andrew. 143cm.— 1 & res, C Heginbothan’s Whineray Beach Boy; 2, S Snowie’s Blyth Choir Boy; 3, T Aird’s Haysford Hideaway Harry. 153cm.— 1 & ch, H Sloan’s Highgrove Valentino; 2, A McCulloch’s Tully Olson; 3, Mr & Mrs A Brewster’s Freckleton Maximus. int 158cm.— 1, M Bowling’s Westwood Red Fox; 2, J Miller’s Beamish Ales; 3, L Watson’s Meath Busy Body. HOYS WH (Mrs A Atkinson).— 1, J Cochrane’s Mountain Ember; 2, J Grimes’ Charisma; 3, A Cooper’s Kingsthorn. Scottish WH (Mrs A Atkinson).— 1 & res, S Houlden’s Polly Pan; 2, S Weir’s Otto; 3, J Aird’s Wilton Flight. WHP (Mrs L Black & Mrs T Hazlem) CS.— 1, C Jamieson’s Valebrook First Symphony; 2, F Longley’s Viewmount Champagne; 3, Bunbury Czar. NS.— 1 & ch, C Jamieson’s Skellorn Imperial Consort; 2 & res, Lord Of The Manor III; 3, V Illingworth’s Helsington Mini Me. nov WHP (Mrs L Black, Mrs T Hazlem) 133cm.— 1, Skellorn Imperial Consort; 2, A Normandy’s Ali Cudo; 3, A Dougan’s Vanilla Sky. 143cm.— 1, K Kilmurray’s Just Luki; 2, L Bryson’s Pebbly Maid Of Honour; 3, B Ross’s Sultan Of Brunei. 153cm.— 1 & ch, R Dudgeon’s Turbo Toy; 2, A Brown’s Clonshire Harvey V; 3, C Orr’s Mayflower. int 158cm.— 1 & res, H Meikle’s Marisland Vinca; 2, J Thompson’s Sweet Violet; 3, K Douglas’s Diamond Mind. Heritage M&M WHP (Mrs C McArdle, Mrs C Nelson) exc 138cm.— 1 & ch, S Weir’s Ruby Slippers; 2, A Marshall’s Comical Con; 3, A Adams’ Petsy. 138cm.— 1 & res, C MacMillan’s Rumworth Moonlight; 2, Lord Of The Manor; 3, K Melville’s Defaelog Rhianon. 122cm.— 1, C MacMillan’s Lippens Mascot; 2, C Jamieson’s Valebrook First Symphony; 3, L Mulholland’s Beinnliath Hartshorn Pike. NS.— 1 & ch, Lippens Mascot; 2 & res, S Weir’s Polaris Geralt; 3, Bunbury Czar. CS.— 1, C Dickens’ Isley Walton Onyz.