Chaddesley Corbett, Monday, 29 May (Good to Soft Soft in places)

1472. Hunt Members, 12st

1 Sapega (IRE) (Homo Sapien) (Diana Williams), fav Miss J Williams
2 Primitive Son (Wendy Bayliss) S Gray
3 Philtre (IRE) (Helen Needham) P Needham

Also: Ballingale Dawn (IRE) (4), Winning Town (5), Sorrento King (6). 6 ran. 12l, 5l, 8l, 15l, 1l. 6min 21.1s. SP: EVENS. (Albrighton Woodland).

1473. Confined, 12st

1 Rathcoole Dancer (IRE) (Carroll House) (Andy Hobbs), 7a Adam Brown
2 Daisy Fay (Kim Smyly), 7a N Sutton
3 Earl of Buckingham (Claudia Wilesmith) M Wilesmith

Also: Greensleeves (4), 7a, fav, New Lodge Express (IRE) (5), 3x, Glacial River (IRE) (6), Spilaw (FR) (7), Galeshan (IRE) (pu), Oh So Droll (pu), 3x, Rusty Fellow (pu), Springbrook Girl (pu), 7a, Suaverof (IRE) (pu). 12 ran. 3/4l, 11/2l, 11/2l, 7l, 8l, 6l. 6min 23.1s. SP: 9-2. (North Ledbury).

1474. Mixed Open, 12st

1 Home By Midnight (Midnight Legend) (Lynn Redman), 7a, fav T Ellis
2 Lough Ennel (IRE) (Nicky Sheppard) R Jenkins
3 Jemaro (IRE) (Caroline Robinson) R Burton

Also: Premium First (IRE) (4), Mr Banker (5), Sharlom (IRE) (6), Be My Dream (IRE) (ur), Henry Hammond (IRE) (pu), Ivanoph (FR) (pu), Joyeux Royal (FR) (pu), Nativetrial (IRE) (pu), Persian Hero (IRE) (pu), River Pirate (IRE) (f). 13 ran. 3l, hd, 12l, 3l, 15l. 6min 15.6s. SP: 7-4. (Vale of Aylesbury with Garth & S Berks).

1475. Intermediate, 12st

1 Euryalus (IRE) (Presenting) (Mark Lewis) R Burton
2 Four Opinions (Patrick Kennedy), 5x, fav M Harris
3 Jumbul Sale (Caroline Bailey), 5x R Cope

Also: Scuttlebrook (IRE) (4), 7a, Lah di Dah Lad (5), Slave’s Adventure (6), 7a, Lord Kilpatrick (IRE) (7), Commanche’s Charm (re), 14a, 4ow, Dorset Fern (IRE) (pu), 7a, Euro Craft (IRE) (pu), Finne Gaoithe (IRE) (pu), 7a. 11 ran. 3/4l, 3/4l, 20l, 6l, 8l, 8l. 6min 20.7s. SP: 6-1. (Tivyside).

1476. Restricted, 12st

1 Dicks Dream (IRE) (Alphabatim (USA)) (Julie Houldey), fav Miss C Allen
2 Buckingham Bill (IRE) (Claudia Wilesmith) M Wilesmith
3 Scarlet Gunner (Steve Wynne) J Jarrett

Also: Fencethegap (IRE) (4), Beau Jake (IRE) (f), Cedar (pu), Rosemead Tye (f), 7a, Sissinghurst Star (IRE) (pu). 8 ran. 25l, s.h, 8l. 6min 28.3s. SP: 4-7. (Berkeley).

1477. Open Maiden (Div 1), 12st

1 Milanista (IRE) (Rock Hopper) (Phillip York), 7a, fav P York
2 Little Girl (Emma James), 7a, 2ow S Gray
3 Gunsmoke (Caroline Walker) N Oliver

Also: Emma’s Boy (IRE) (4), Cyrium (IRE) (5), Sharp Hand (6), Benbow (pu), bl, Dialc (pu), 7a, Galloping Home (IRE) (pu), Hop Pocket (pu), Just Patrick (f), 7a, Percy Basil (pu). 12 ran. 4l, 5l, 13/4l, 7l, 8l. 6min 35.6s. SP: 4-6. (Staff College & R.M.A.S. Drag).

1478. Open Maiden (Div 2), 12st

1 Give Me Strength (IRE) (Flemensfirth (USA)) (Caroline Robinson), 7a A Wintle
2 Hot Chocolat (Gordy Edwards), fav N Oliver
3 Iron Man Dan (IRE) (Helen Needham), 7a J Jarrett

Also: Johnny Venture (IRE) (4), Kildangan (IRE) (5), Dashing Charm (ro), Double Deal (f), 7a, Lynwood Gold (ur), Pedlars Son (re), bl, Slaves Missile (pu), Warm Springs (pu), 7a. 11 ran. 21/2l, nk, 5l, 15l. 6min 37.7s. SP: 4-1. (Worcestershire).