H&H dressage editor’s Area Festival video diary 2015: ‘don’t be an idiot like me’

  • Welcome to the third part of Horse & Hound's dressage editor Alice Collins' video diary. Alice and 'Fab' will be competing in the Petplan Equine medium restricted Area Final final at the NAF Five Star Winter Dressage Championships

    In her third video diary from the British Dressage NAF Five Star Winter Dressage Championships, Horse & Hound‘s dressage editor Alice Collins owns up to a slightly embarrassing moment when she tried to exercise Fab (Faconnable) for the first time on Wednesday (15 April).

    Alice said: “I had misread the website and couldn’t ride then… Moral of the story is: read the small print and don’t be an idiot. That will save you time and hassle!”

    However, on her second attempt Alice was able to exercise Fab in the rather warm and busy indoor arena and was pleased with how her mare went. You can see the pair in action in her video diary above, plus find out how Alice uses her choice of tack to try to improve the overall Fab’s appearance and make her neck “look less like a brick”. She’s also hoping that their Horse & Hound branded saddle cloth and matching bandages will bring them luck.

    Watch Alice and Fab’s first video diary
    Watch Alice and Fab’s second video diary

    About the Area Festivals

    The Area Festivals were set up to give amateur riders of all levels the opportunity to enjoy taking part in prestigious championship-style dressage shows. There are 19 Petplan Equine Area Festivals held at leading dressage venues across the UK from August to November each year. The shows give amateurs the chance to compete in true championship conditions and enjoy the experience of riding in the atmosphere of a top show.

    Competing at the Area Festivals is an achievement in itself and more than 3,000 riders taking part each year. Those riders placed first to fourth at prelim to elementary and riders placed first or second at medium to prix st georges at each Area Festival during are invited to compete at the Area Festival Championships at the NAF Five Star Winter Dressage Championships.

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