7 top tips for desk-bound riders *Promotion*

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Très Health is THE place for London equestrians who want to enjoy their sport, whether it’s leisure or competitive riding. All sports bring their own challenges and rider fitness is key at any level and for getting the best out of your time in the saddle.

Tina Nielsen-Talbot Sports and Rehabilitation physiotherapist at Très Health Equestrian provides her top tips for desk-bound riders:

  • Make sure that your workstation i.e.: desk and chair are fitted to your height and preference. Stretching across your desk every time the phone rings can develop soreness and tightness in your neck and shoulders.
  • Stretch at your desk. There are some really easy stretches you can do whilst sat at your desk to ease tension and keep you supple. A short but brisk walk in your lunch hour or taking the stairs instead of the lift are good ways to boost cardio and get your blood flow circulating faster.

“Being riding fit is so important, not just at top level but even at the most basic level, it helps you avoid injuries and enjoy the time you do have, riding and being effective as a rider. The team at Très Health understand my needs and with a wealth of experience in treating top athletes across other sports, I know I am in good hands” – Jay Halim, international Show-Jumper


  • Make sure you have lunch. Eating at your desk is a common office habit, which we are all guilty of, but try to take lunch in a different location or if the weather allows, outside for a change of scene and some fresh air.
  • Get off a stop earlier on the tube or bus and enjoy a brisk walk to work in the morning, especially if you know that it’s impossible to get time away from your desk during the working day. You will arrive at work feeling more energised and ready physically and mentally to start the working day.


  • Keep two same sized empty water bottles in your desk drawer and fill and use them as handy dumbbell substitutes for a brisk walk around the block or for a work out with added weight behind it!
  • As riders, your hip flexors need to be strong and mobile and this exercise can be done sitting in your chair. Lift your right foot just a few inches off of the floor, ensuring that you keep your knee bent at a 90-degree angle. Try and hold it for at least 20 seconds then repeat on the other leg. Do this twice a day and you will soon see and feel the different!
  • Drink plenty of water. Your body needs to stay hydrated so cut down on the caffeine and fizzy drinks and head for the water cooler instead.

About Tina


Tina Nielsen-Talbot (BSc, MCSP, HCPC) has more than 21 years’ experience as a sports and rehabilitation physiotherapist. Over the years she has worked with professional sports people and teams including riders and enjoys the challenge of helping clients achieve their goals. She has a special interest in hypermobility, core stability training and long term athlete development, family health, orthopedics and myofascial work. Tina also uses cranio-sacral therapy (CST) and reflexology. She explains: “The connection between the mind, organs and the physical body should never be under-estimated. CST and reflexology are therefore options of treatment that enables me to give clients the best possible holistic care.”

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