Understanding affiliated show jumping

  • The BSJA is the governing body for all affiliated show jumping competitions. There is no age limit for members which are split into juniors and seniors. They manage more than 2,000 shows each year.

    To become a member, your horse/pony needsto be registered with the British Horse Database (BHD).

    The cost of this is included in the registration fees, provided that an original identificationdocument which has been completed by a veterinary surgeon or an appointed panelist is enclosed with theapplication.

    Membership fees

    Full Jumping Member Available from the age of 19 and for members who wish to compete, either as a rider, or an owner of a registered horse or pony. Cost £78.50

    Associate Member Available from 17 – 18 years old and is for members who wish to compete as a rider or an owner. Cost £52.25

    Junior Member For members who only wish to compete on ponies until the age of 16. A parent or guardian must also join as a Jumping or Non-jumping member. Cost £16.75

    Junior Associate Member Available for junior riders from the age of 13 – 16. Designed for members who wish to compete on horses and/or ponies. A parent or guardian must join as a Jumping or Non-jumping member to register the horses and/or ponies. Cost £29.25.

    Non-jumping member For parents or guardians over the age of 19, who wish to be involved in the sport. May only register ponies and horses to be ridden by their children or wards who are also members. Cost £31.25

    Horses and ponies are registered annually and are graded according to prize money won (if any) at BSJA shows.

    Cost for ponies starts from £16.25

    Cost for horses starts from £43.50

    Membership forms are available via the BSJA website. You will find this on the front page under the membership logo.

    Ticket system explained

    You can also compete on a “ticket”. This means that for £6, paid when entering a class, you can compete in one affiliated class. These can be purchased from the show secretary on the day of competition. However, it does mean that you are not eligible for any prize-money.

    The BSJA carefully design and develop classes for all, with fences starting at 85cm (2¨ 9″). Before you consider becoming affiliated, you need to be jumping courses of at least this height with confidence and ease.

    Equipment for riders

  • A traditional tailored jacket

  • White/pastel coloured shirt with white collar

  • Tie or hunting stock: Coloured ties and stocks can only be worn with hacking jackets. Pony Club ties can be worn by junior members, regardless of the colour of their jackets.

  • Breeches or jodhpurs: must be white, pale yellow or fawn in colour

  • Boots: Riding or jodhpur in plain black leather. Gaiters cut in the traditional riding boot style can be worn with black jodhpur boots.

  • Gloves and body protectors are optional.

  • Headgear: must have a retaining harness secured to the hat at more than two points and manufactured to EN1384, ASTM F1163 or PAS015 standards. Must be covered with a plain, dark coloured peaked cover.

  • There are not set rules for equipment that you must have for your pony/horse. However, there are definite rules for what you are not permitted to wear. Check with the BSJA is you are unsure.

    For more information contact: The British Show Jumping Association (BSJA), National Agricultural Centre, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwicks, CV8 2LR (tel: 02476 698800) or visit www.bsja.co.uk

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