Top show jumper AK Locarno to become Breyer model

  • Equine model company Breyer is to make a model of AK Locarno, the bay Holsteiner stallion ridden on British teams by show jumper Ellen Whitaker.

    Breyer is currently working with the horse’s joint-owners, Steven Whitaker and Dawn Maken, and plans to release the model in January next year.

    Ellen Whitaker said: “We’re very excited about Locarno becoming a Breyer model. We have already started the process and are really looking forward to seeing the initial designs by the sculptor.”

    Breyer has been making authentic models of horses since 1950. Each model is hand-painted and crafted by up to 20 different artisans.

    Locarno, who was bought at Germany’s PSI auction, was the most expensive five-year-old ever to come to the UK.

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