South View showjumping results, 24-25 November 2012

  • 24 Nov: Blue Chip jnr newcomers/1m.— 1, Cammarch Hell Fire (I Griffiths-Jenkins); 2, Marno (W Maxwell); 3, Midnight Magic V (N Ladell). Horsequest UK Coral q.— 1, String Of Pearls (B Hunter); 2, Tinapatch (H Cooper); 3, Cherikee Lad (J Weske). jnr 70cm.— 1, Callaghknock Star (A Hands); 2, Magic Moments III (P Staff); 3, My Girl Over The Moon (J Snelling). jnr 80cm.— 1, My Lucky Penny (K Benbow); 2, Poppyfield Nutcracker (J Wright); 3, Hollybrook Silver Mist (J Snelling). sml pony open.— 1, Snapshot II (S Baker); 2 & 3, Bofarnel Lottery & My Lucky Penny (K Benbow). 128/138cm.— 1, Bronllwyn Paris (N Piper); 2, Leucarum Romeo (C Young); 3, Golden Friskey (H Grimwade). 128/138cm springboard.— 1eq, Firefly Of Riverdene (C Young) & Groveleys Just Marmite (J Young); 3, Leucarum Romeo. Netley Hall Equestrian jnr discovery/90cm.— 1, Just Joey Too (J Howard); 2, My Champagne Supernova (N Piper); 3, Magic Moments III. 25 Nov: jnr 1.15m.— 1, Tullamore Girl (H Leader-White); 2 & 3, Caramel Twist & Reflex Rashell (T Evans). Blue Chip Pro Sparkle JC/JA.— 1, Tullamore Girl; 2, Tinapatch; 3, Reflex Rashell. jnr 80cm intro.— 1, Callaghknock Star; 2, Ziggy Stardust II (J Howard); 3, Oak Deborah (L Grimwade). sml pony open.— 1, Bronllwyn Paris; 2, Oak Deborah; 3, Bofarnel Lottery. 128/138cm.— 1, Bronllwyn Paris; 2, Callaghknock Star; 3, My Lucky Penny. Netley Hall Equestrian jnr discovery/90cm.— 1, Stephy III (C Jones); 2, Red Diesel II (F Gozzett); 3, Rising Sun (A Bedford). Blue Chip jnr newcomers.— 1, Stephy III. Squibb Demolition jnr Foxhunter.— 1, Tinapatch; 2, Dunally Rolo (C Groves).

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